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Good Night

Falling asleep quickly? Our best tips

Many people who have experienced sleep difficulties dream of falling asleep quickly. After all, we all need sleep to recover and be fit for the challenges of our daily lives. Here are our most effective tips to help you fall asleep quickly from now on.


The best plants for your bedroom

Bedroom plants create a friendly atmosphere and even promote a healthy room climate. Stuffy air and lack of CO2 in the bedroom are a common cause for sleepless nights. This is exactly where bedroom plants can help. Find out here, how plants improve the room climate and which plants are especially well suited for the bedroom.

Good Night

Nightcap recipes for even more relaxation

Which nightcap do you choose before going to bed when you want to rest? The right drink can help you relax wonderfully and get you in the mood for a good night’s sleep. With our enjoyable recipes for young and old, there is something for everyone. Integrate your favourite nightcap into your evening routine and experience deep relaxation for the body and soul.

Good Night

Morning rituals for a good start into the day

Whether it is drinking coffee after getting up in the morning or reading the newspaper at the breakfast table: Most people have morning rituals. But not all of them help us equally to start our day with a high energy level. We want to introduce you to a few particularly effective morning rituals that can easily be integrated into your existing routine.

Good Night

Why the bedtime sweets deserve a comeback

Do bedtime sweets have a fixed place in your sleep routine? Or are you one of the critics who have turned their back on them a long time ago? Whether you are pro or con, we want to get you thinking a little by showing you the incredible diversity that lies behind the term “bedtime sweets”.