Earplugs for sleeping
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Earplugs for sleeping – harmless or harmful?

Not only on travels, but also at home, some people swear by earplugs for sleeping in order to enjoy undisturbed rest. But are these practical noise absorbers really harmless, or can they harm your health? We explain which effect wearing earplugs has on your sleep comfort.

Matratze kaufen
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Buying a mattress – What do I have to consider?

The mattress is the basis for pure relaxation and thus an essential component for restful sleep. Since you usually sleep on the same one for many years, it is especially important to make sure that you buy a mattress that suits you perfectly. Various factors are important, for example the firmness level, the size and the mattress core.

Bed sheet box-spring bed
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The right bed sheet for your box-spring bed

Congratulations! If a modern box-spring bed has found its way into your bedroom, you are one of the absolute trendsetters when it comes to interior design. However, switching to a box-spring bed often means getting new sheets as well. This is because box-spring mattresses are usually higher than other mattresses. We will explain which buying criteria you should pay attention to, so that you can find your way through the multitude of offers and enjoy your new bed sheet for a long time.

new year's resolutions
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How to make your New Year’s resolutions a success

Have you also made New Year’s resolutions this New Year’s Eve? The turn of the year is the ideal time to finally put an end to bad habits that have crept in over the last few months. However, a fresh start into the new year can only be achieved with the right motivation. To ensure that this does not fall by the wayside, we have collected our best tips for achieving some popular New Year’s resolutions.

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Delicious recipe ideas for winter

After a long day outside in the winter cold, you are just longing for some warm food? Then our delicious recipe ideas are just right to keep you warm and cosy. From a hearty breakfast to a spicy stew, we will show you the most enjoyable way to stay warm and healthy throughout the winter.

gift ideas for Christmas
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The most beautiful gift ideas for Christmas

Thinking of suitable gift ideas for Christmas for your loved ones is supposed to be fun, but unfortunately this task often ends up in a lot of stress before the holidays. Are you still looking for the right Christmas presents? We have put together some tips for you that are guaranteed to make your gift search more relaxed!