Air conditioning in the bedroom
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Is air conditioning suitable for the bedroom?

Especially in the hot summer months, many people long for a breath of fresh air in their own four walls. You would like to have air conditioning in your bedroom to provide a pleasant room climate and to be able to fall asleep fast despite the heat? Learn more about what you should be aware of before installing air conditioning in the bedroom!

Good Night

Phenomenon night sweat: How to reduce sweating at night

Night sweat is a very common phenomenon, especially during the summer months. At high temperatures you quickly start sweating even when you sleep. However, night sweat can also occur regardless of the weather. We take a look at the causes of night sweating and give you a few tips on how to cool down.

reading light integrated in bedside table

Beautiful and practical: reading lamp for the bed

Do you wish for a warm, atmospheric lighting in the evening hours as well as at night? A pretty light source is the perfect addition to your bedroom. Whether it is a floor lamp, table lamp or wall lamp: a reading lamp makes the hearts of bookworms beat faster and gives bright light wherever you need it. We tell you what criteria you should consider when buying a reading lamp and which design options are available to you regarding a decorative reading lamp.

Podcasts to fall asleep to
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The best podcasts to fall asleep to

When your thoughts keep spinning and counting sheep no longer helps, there’s another secret weapon: podcasts to fall asleep to. Melodious voices distract you from your own thoughts and you can kiss sleep problems goodbye. We’ll tell you what you need to watch out for to get to the land of dreams quickly.

Time for two - Holding hands
Sleep Life Balance

Time for two – How to survive it harmoniously

Time for two, it can be so beautiful – if you spend it together voluntarily. But what happens when we are supposed to stay at home for weeks, have to keep social contacts to a minimum and the workplace is suddenly set up in the living room? We’ll tell you how you can survive the time together harmoniously and look forward to the future as a couple.