sleep better with bridge slat bases
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Sleep better with Swissflex: Slat bases with bridge®-technology

You cannot see it, but it is – in the truest sense of the word – a very important basis for good sleep: the slat base. You can simply sleep better if you have a stable and high-quality slat base as the basis for your own bed. For an individual adaptation to your needs, our bridge® slat bases are available in different models and with different adjustabilities. We have summarised all important information for you here.


Create your scary Halloween decoration

All those who like to decorate, do handicrafts and try out creative recipes will get bright eyes in October – Halloween is just around the corner! This festival for creepy-crawlies is not only a reason for children to (pre)enjoy themselves, but can – with the right preparation – become a spectacle for the whole family.

Schlafender Hund
Good Night

Should pets be allowed to sleep in bed?

To cuddle with our four-legged friends is a wonderful way to pass the time, which provides us pure happiness. Some people would therefore like to continue the cuddling sessions in a comfortable bed. But is it a good idea to cuddle our pets in bed or even let them sleep there?

Autumn mood

Get into the autumn mood with autumn-like cosiness

Buying the right bedside tables is a crucial factor in raising the comfort level of your bedroom and transforming it into a heavenly oasis of well-being. Find out why a bedside table is so useful, what you should look out for when buying it and what decoration ideas you can use to successfully show off your furniture.

Wecker Schlafzyklus
Good Night

Sleep cycle: Which sleep is the most restful?

Sleep is not just sleep: the human sleep cycle is made up of different sleep phases. An undisturbed cycle with the correct sequence of the individual sleep phases is essential for our well-being and health. But which sleep phases exist? We explain how human sleep is structured!