Good Night

Nightcap recipes for even more relaxation

Which nightcap do you choose before going to bed when you want to rest? The right drink can help you relax wonderfully and get you in the mood for a good night’s sleep. With our enjoyable recipes for young and old, there is something for everyone. Integrate your favourite nightcap into your evening routine and experience deep relaxation for the body and soul.

Good Night

Morning rituals for a good start into the day

Whether it is drinking coffee after getting up in the morning or reading the newspaper at the breakfast table: Most people have morning rituals. But not all of them help us equally to start our day with a high energy level. We want to introduce you to a few particularly effective morning rituals that can easily be integrated into your existing routine.

Good Night

Why the bedtime sweets deserve a comeback

Do bedtime sweets have a fixed place in your sleep routine? Or are you one of the critics who have turned their back on them a long time ago? Whether you are pro or con, we want to get you thinking a little by showing you the incredible diversity that lies behind the term “bedtime sweets”.

Digital Detox
Good Night

Digital Detox: Things you should not do in bed

Digital devices, such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, increase the pressure to always be available. With a Digital Detox, you can reduce your stress – especially in the bedroom, this is the key to more peace and relaxation. Find out here which tips you can use to implement the Digital Detox in the bedroom.

Matratzenbezug waschen Waschgang
Good Night

Wash your mattress cover correctly with our tips

A freshly made bed is simply just pure heaven, isn’t it? To enjoy an all-around hygienic feeling in bed, you can also wash your mattress cover. Only very few people do this regularly, although it ensures a high level of bed hygiene and you benefit from the additional freshness. But how do you wash the mattress cover correctly? We give you the most important tips for cleaning your mattress cover.

Trendige Schlafzimmer-Farben

Bedroom colours – the trends in 2021

Bring a breath of fresh air into your bedroom with new, trendy bedroom colours. Soothing or invigorating, expressive or unobtrusive – a new wall colour can completely change the atmosphere of the room. The new year is the perfect time to try something new. Here are some bedroom colours that are in vogue in 2021!

mattress 180x200 for two
Swissflex World

Mattress 180×200 cm – relaxation for two

If you were to take a look around Swiss bedrooms, you would likely come across the mattress 180×200 quite often. The popularity of this mattress is hardly surprising, as it offers enough space for two people without being too bulky and taking up the entire bedroom. We will tell you what else speaks for this mattress size and how you can find the right model for you.