modern spring decorations

Modern spring decoration for your home

Spring is coming soon, so it is definitely time for new spring decorations in your home! When nature shows its colourful splendour outside the window, we want to make sure that spring awakens in style at home, too. Fresh colours, fragrant flowers and lots of good humour are moving in. We have collected our favourite ideas for modern spring decorations – get inspired!

low-maintenance houseplants
Sleep Life Balance

Home Sweet Home – Low-maintenance houseplants for your home

What does the perfect home look like for you? Surely, a few pretty houseplants are indispensable to feel really comfortable in your own four walls. This is hardly surprising, after all, almost all of us have the need to feel connected to nature. However, fresh greenery is not only good for the soul, but also gives any room a welcoming atmosphere. But what to do if the plants are out of shape after just a few days and starts to wilt? To make sure that does not happen to you, we will introduce you to a few easy-care houseplants that are permanently at their best. So, even without a green thumb you can enjoy plants around you all the time.

spring decorations

Let new spring decorations enter your bedroom

The cold days full of snow and rain have lasted long enough, now spring is finally around the corner and with it comes the desire for spring cleaning and a breath of fresh air in our home decorations. Let change enter your bedroom by making it fit for the new season with wonderful spring decorations.

sustainability in the bedroom

Sustainability in the bedroom

We want to be able to relax and rest in our bedroom. But have you ever thought about how you can harmonise your need for rest with the topic of sustainability? We tell you how you can integrate sustainable materials like wood and rattan into your bedroom to create a natural look with just a few changes.

buying a slat base
Swissflex World

This is why you should buy a suitable slat base

Slat bases play a key role when it comes to your well-being. Because this is where the comfort begins that the mattress and bed complete: The slat base lays the foundation for a perfect lying and sleeping experience. Learn more about the advantages of a slat base, the different types and what you should look out for in order to find the most suitable model for you.

Schlaflose Nächte durch Tinnitus
Good Night

Sleepless nights due to tinnitus? What really helps

Tinnitus is not only a burden in everyday life but can also disturb your sleep. When the ringing in your ears seems to ruin any thought of a restful night, the despair increases. But with the right measures, you can enjoy peaceful nights despite the tinnitus. Relaxation exercises and a healthy sleep routine will help you get more rest and recharge your batteries while you sleep.

Therapy blanket
Good Night

Therapy blanket – hype or truly useful?

Have you heard about the new therapy blankets, too? This special sleeping accessory promises an exceptionally cosy, snug sleeping experience. It is supposed to help you relax better at night and noticeably improve the quality of your sleep. We took a closer look at the unusual blankets and tell you what they are all about.