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It is that time of year again: Advent is just around the corner and with it peaceful days for the whole family. Is there any better way to celebrate the anticipation of Christmas than with loving DIY Advent calendar ideas? Whether for your children, your best friend or your partner, here are our wonderful Christmas inspirations for festive calendars that make the countdown to Christmas even more beautiful!

  1. The classic version in a different way
  2. These ideas for Advent calendars show special appreciation
  3. Our most romantic advent calendar ideas for couples
  4. Spending time together

The classic version in a different way

Advent calendar ideas, Lovely advent calendar ideas

Admittedly, chocolate as an Advent calendar idea is not really new. But precisely because most of us grew up with this classical piece, it has a special place in our hearts. After all, it reminds us of carefree childhood days. But a chocolate calendar does not have to be boring and can even become a fun creative project: Simply by making the chocolate delights yourself. All you need for the basic recipe is cocoa butter, cocoa powder and a sweetener of your choice. With various toppings and spices you can then add an even more individual flavour. Juicy cranberries, crunchy hazelnuts or sugar-sweet mini-marshmallows are just a few suggestions, in fact there are no limits to your creativity. With the final result you can not only spoil yourself, but also sweeten the Christmas season in a very special way for the chocolate lovers among your loved ones.

These ideas for Advent calendars show special appreciation

Christmas is called the celebration of love for a reason. With personalised Advent calendar ideas you can express your appreciation for all the great people in your life much more clearly than with a bought off-the-peg Advent calendar. By taking time for each item and thinking about what you can do to bring joy to your loved ones, you show them that they have a very special place in your heart. For example, if your best friend is an enthusiastic hobby cook, do not just give him or her some Christmas calendar with cooking ideas, but instead put together a recipe collection around his or her favourite ingredients and dishes. Instead of a toy calendar, you can give your children an Advent calendar filled with figures or cards from their favourite series. If your buddy loves books, why not give him a self-designed version with inspiring quotes from his favourite author instead of just any quote calendar? In general, the formula applies: The more individually the Advent calendars are tailored to the recipient, the greater the joy of opening the doors later.

Our most romantic Advent calendar ideas for couples

Our next idea for a homemade Advent calendar is hopelessly romantic. 😉 For an Advent calendar full of love, think of twenty-four reasons why you love your partner and write them down. Reading a little message from you every day will not only put a warm smile on your favourite person’s face, but will also strengthen your relationship. If you are not good with words, there is help from the realm of poetry, because selected, soulful quotations from the masters of poetry will certainly go over as well.

Romantischer Adventskalender

You can write your 24 love messages on small cards with Christmas motifs or, for example, roll them up like scrolls and tie each message to a praline. This will make the morning twice as sweet for your sweetheart.

Spending time together

Our last Advent calendar idea is something for everyone. Instead of material things, it is especially nice at Christmas time to give away time for shared experiences. In the spirit of pre-Christmas peace of mind, joint activities help to strengthen the bond between people and create magical memories, whether it is with your best friend, buddy or family. The possibilities for self-made vouchers are endless and invite you to get creative. Indoor activities can be, for example, biscuit baking or the making of baked apples, or a cosy movie night. Of course you can also choose outdoor activities for the Advent calendar. How about a hiking tour in the Christmassy forest, sleigh rides or a toboggan ride? A successful mixture of both indoor and outdoor activities promises a variety of wonderful experiences with your loved ones and guarantees that you can experience joy together even in uncomfortable winter weather.

Gemeinsame Zeit

Which Advent calendar ideas will you realize this year? In any case, we wish you a lot of fun whhen preparing – and of course when opening the little surprises in the morning. 😊


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