Air conditioning in the bedroom

Especially in the hot summer months, many people long for a breath of fresh air in their own four walls. You would like to have air conditioning in your bedroom to provide a pleasant room climate and to be able to fall asleep fast despite the heat? The cool air feels like a relief at first, but you should be careful when using an air conditioner in the bedroom. Learn more about what you should be aware of before installing air conditioning in the bedroom!

  1. Air conditioning in the bedroom – is that a good idea?
  2. Tips for a restful night’s sleep with air conditioning
  3. Is air conditioning in the bedroom suitable for me?

Air conditioning in the bedroom – Is that a good idea?

Air conditioning in the bedroom is especially tempting when the thermometer goes beyond the 30-degree mark and you are rolling sleeplessly back and forth on your mattress. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to cool off at the push of a button and to fall asleep at last? In fact, a cool room climate promotes a restful night’s sleep and can help us sleep through the sometimes tropical temperatures at the height of summer.

However, you should still carefully consider the pros and cons before installing air conditioning in the bedroom. If operated improperly, there can be health risks, especially in the bedroom. For example, if the air conditioning is set too low, you will catch an annoying summer cold. A stiff neck, headaches or dried out mucous membranes can also be the consequences of incorrect use and make your life unnecessarily difficult. To make sure that you really benefit from the advantages of air conditioning, you should inform yourself thoroughly before your purchase. By the way, for the particularly efficient split units, you must first obtain permission from your landlord.

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Caution is required, for example, with air coolers, which are often used in small apartments due to their compact design. These units work with the evaporation of water and thus achieve their cooling effect – but this causes the humidity in the room to rise continuously. This humidity can condense on the walls and promote the growth of mould. Therefore, it is sensible to avoid increasing the humidity in the bedroom.

Tips for a restful night’s sleep with air conditioning

  • You should not start the air conditioning in the bedroom right before falling asleep, instead you should cool the room down gradually. A system with minimal operating noise is recommended, after all you don’t want to be woken up by a loud humming noise at night! Quiet air conditioners are often advertised as “whisper quiet” – this corresponds to a volume of approx. 25 dB. An air conditioner with inverter technology can also run at low speed, which reduces the noise level pleasantly.
  • Even if you sweat a lot in the evening or at night: Don’t overdo it when you cool off! You should never set your air conditioning in the bedroom too low, so that the difference between the outside and inside temperature is not too great. A rule of thumb for air-conditioned rooms is a difference of 6-7 degrees Celsius.

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  • As tempting as the idea of cool air on the skin in hot weather can be: do not point the air stream directly at your body to avoid hypothermia. It is better to direct the airflow from your air conditioner upwards towards the ceiling. Devices with a timer function will switch off automatically after the time you set, so there is no risk of summer colds.
  • In order to guarantee a hygienic room climate, it is important to service your device at regular intervals. If the air conditioner is in top condition, harmful microorganisms will not be able to spread in the bedroom. If you want to be on the safe side, you should rely on help from a professional and have the maintenance of the system carried out by a specialist.

Is air conditioning in the bedroom suitable for me?

Air conditioning in the bedroom is an option for you? If you use it properly, it will provide a pleasantly cool room and wonderfully mild summer nights. However, high-quality air conditioners are not exactly cheap to buy, especially since there are additional electricity costs to consider for their operation. Before you decide to buy one, you should therefore think about whether there is any other way to cool down your bedroom. Thick curtains, airy bed linen and a refreshing smoothie just before bedtime can already work wonders. Proper ventilation also helps to keep the temperature in check by not letting the heat into your bedroom in the first place. Discover our tips for sleeping in the heat to help you get some well-deserved time out at night!