Autumn mood

It is that time of year again: Nature is stripping her summer-green dress and beginning to dress in bright autumn colours. Now it is time to say goodbye to summer and welcome the approaching autumn. When the days become shorter and it is slowly getting colder outside, it is time to let autumn mood move into your home. With the right autumn decoration, you can create a cosy atmosphere of well-being in your home. We will show you how to transform your bedroom into a cosy autumn paradise with warm light sources and soft blankets, and how to use soft, natural colours to create a cosy autumn atmosphere in the rest of your home as well.

  1. Soft natural tones for a pleasant autumn
  2. Autumn-like cosiness through warm light sources
  3. Autumn decoration ideas for a harmonious atmosphere
  4. Create an autumn atmosphere with relaxing rituals
  5. Create a culinary autumn atmosphere

Soft natural tones for a pleasant autumn

autumn mood, Get into the autumn mood with autumn-like cosinessWhile bright tones give us the longed-for boost of energy in summer, in autumn we yearn for peace and comfort. This need should therefore also be reflected in our interior design so that we can make ourselves really comfortable at home. Muted colours such as beige, grey and rosé, but also calm shades of green not only make us happy, but also create an autumnal mood with their calming effect.

Copper or gold shades are also particularly suitable for this time of year, because they remind us of the sun’s rays in autumn leaves and immediately bring a smile to our faces. To bring this feeling into your bedroom, shiny accessories are the perfect way. Make sure you choose high-quality materials to give your bedroom a noble and cosy autumn touch.

You do not know exactly which of these colours you are looking for? Then do not reach for the paint roller right away, but slowly feel your way into your new colour world. Just try coloured pillowcases, a beautiful bedspread or picture frames and test the effect on your well-being. This way, you are sure to quickly find the right colour for your personal autumn mood.

Autumn-like cosiness through warm light sources

autumn mood, Get into the autumn mood with autumn-like cosiness

The right lighting is very important for your cosy bedroom. You can create an atmospheric and pleasant ambience simply by using different light sources. Don’t just use your ceiling lighting, try a mixture of floor lamps, table lamps and indirect light sources. With a well thought-out overall concept, a cosy autumn mood is quickly achieved.

Lanterns with candles or fairy lights not only provide discreet lighting accents in the bedroom, but also give your living room or entrance area an inviting flair. Our golden tip for an extra portion of autumn mood: Why not try a scented candle on your bedside table? Autumnal scents like maple, pumpkin or chestnut flatter your senses and make you want to go for an autumn walk.

Autumn decoration ideas for a harmonious atmosphere

In addition to the right colour scheme and lighting concept, the right accessories can also be used to create an autumn atmosphere in the bedroom. However, it is particularly important here that the room is not overloaded with decorative objects, after all you want to enjoy peace and relaxation there. Therefore, give preference to discreet furnishings. Berry twigs and leaf motifs, for example, with their filigree character, fit wonderfully into your bedroom and set autumnal accents. A fresh bouquet of autumn flowers on the bedside table is not only pretty to look at but also provides an autumnal fragrance experience.

autumn mood, Get into the autumn mood with autumn-like cosiness

Plush blankets made of faux fur, wool or velvet are perfect for cuddling up in the evening and can be perfectly combined with decorative cushions in autumn colours. You can add the finishing touch with curtains in matching shades. These will transform your bedroom into a cosy retreat where you feel wonderfully safe and comfortable. It doesn’t matter if the stormy autumn rain drums on the window panes.

Create an autumn mood with relaxing rituals

While you can create a cuddly autumn atmosphere in your home with warm lights, soft colours and autumn decorating ideas, for the ultimate autumn feeling you should of course also include yourself and do things in autumn that are good for your soul.

Grab your cuddliest coat and go for a walk with your family or friends. This way you can enjoy the colourful leaf paradise together and get a dose of sunlight at the same time. You can also take a walk in the autumn to find inspiration for your interior design. Colourful leaves, twigs and chestnuts are quickly gathered to create creative arrangements that will bring a cosy autumn atmosphere into your home.

autumn mood, Get into the autumn mood with autumn-like cosiness

For families with children for whom a walk alone does not offer enough action, we have an extra tip: how about flying kites? That way, the children can indulge their urge to move. Instead of just buying a finished kite, you can also turn it into a great autumnal craft project for the whole family.

If the cold and wet autumn weather should put a damper on your plans, you can also create an autumnal atmosphere at home with relaxing rituals. A games evening with warm cocoa is sure to be fun for everyone and will bring the family together.

Create a culinary autumn atmosphere

On cold days there is nothing like cuddling up at home with a hot cup of tea. You can give this feel-good ritual an autumn-like touch by brewing an autumnal fruit tea mixture, for example. Teas with dried plum, quince and pear pieces bring autumn to your home. Coffee lovers will also enjoy autumn when they add an autumnal spice to their latte or cappuccino, for example with a teaspoon of pumpkin spice.

autumn mood, Get into the autumn mood with autumn-like cosiness

In addition to autumn drinks, seasonal dishes are naturally also part of a successful autumn feeling. In autumn, numerous cheese festivals in Switzerland once again set culinary highlights. But even if you prefer to stay in your own four walls, you don’t have to forego a delicious autumn. How about a portion of golden brown pancakes with pumpkin for breakfast, for example? Immerse yourself in the mood for autumn!