, Bed mites – Unwanted guests in our beds

Even if we believe to live alone in a flat, we are not really alone – we have a lot of house dust mites as flatmates! Actually not tragic – except for the allergy sufferers among us. We share a few tips with you on how you can live better with the uninvited guests, especially with the bed mites.

The symptoms of an allergy

Whether someone is allergic or not is difficult to say. Symptoms such as sneezing, stuffy nose, irritated eyes, etc. occur mainly in the morning, but may have other causes. A blood test at the doctor’s provides clarity.

How to get rid of the uninvited guests

House dust mites also have nothing to do with a lack of cleanliness and are completely natural. You can only do your best to make life at home as unpleasant as possible for the mites.

Mites like it warm and humid, a room temperature of over 20C° and a humidity of over 50 percent are ideal conditions for the small animals. So air your four walls regularly with your windows fully open and make sure that the humidity is within the right range.

At high altitudes, you have fewer problems with bed mites. In the mountains the climate is too dry and too cool. From a height of 1200 meters above sea level house dust mites are less common.

In fact, the destruction of house dust mites is not as easy as one might think. Our grandmothers used a good method in the past: They put the sheets, duvets etc. into the sun in the summer – mites don’t like the sunlight at all, because they die from the UV rays.

How to turn your bed into an allergy-free zone

An effective method of combating allergies is known as encasings (mite excrement-proof bed covers). They do not stop the bed mites, but the faeces, which is responsible for the allergy, does not get through the cover. The most recommended duvets and pillows are those with a microfibre filling.

When you buy a mattress, make sure that it is suitable for allergy sufferers: for example, our Swissflex® mattresses.

In a nutshell: You can’t avoid house dust mites, but you can make living together a little more pleasant. Regularly air your home, especially your bedroom, short and well. Try to keep the air humidity low, otherwise the small animals will feel like poodles. To at least make your bed an “allergy-safe zone”, add microfibre bedding utensils.