Bed sheet box-spring bed

Congratulations! If a modern box-spring bed has found its way into your bedroom, you are one of the absolute trendsetters when it comes to interior design. However, switching to a box-spring bed often means getting new sheets as well. This is because box-spring mattresses are usually higher than other mattresses. We will explain which buying criteria you should pay attention to, so that you can find your way through the multitude of offers and enjoy your new bed sheet for a long time.

  1. Which bed sheets are suitable for your box-spring bed?
  2. What you should pay attention to when buying a new bed sheet
  3. How to choose the right material for your bed sheet
  4. Tips for proper care

Which bed sheets are suitable for your box-spring bed?

Maybe you have already noticed it: Finding a suitable sheet for your box-spring bed is not always easy! Not every sheet is suitable, because the structure of a box-spring bed is very different from that of a conventional upholstered bed. Generally, one uses different varieties of fitted sheets to cover a box-spring bed. There are fitted sheets that are only suitable for covering the topper and those with an extra high bar that can enclose both mattress and topper. If you own an electrically adjustable box-spring bed, you will probably be interested in bed sheets that are specifically designed for covering split toppers.

What you should pay attention to when buying a new bed sheet

To avoid unpleasant surprises when you cover the bed later, the right format and the right size are essential. Even the most beautiful bed sheet is useless if it does not fit your box-spring bed. If you do not want your new sheet to just lie around in the corner as decoration later, you absolutely have to pay attention to the right dimensions when buying it. Box-spring beds are available in the Scandinavian or the American design. In the Scandinavian version, the mattress is traditionally chosen in the same fabric cover as the box and only the topper is covered with a sheet. In the American style, the mattress (optionally with a topper) is covered with a bed sheet. Which box-spring bed version you have chosen also influences the purchase of a bed sheet.

Bed sheet on bed

Before you go to the store or browse the Internet for a suitable bed sheet, you should use a tape measure. With the formula side length x side length, you can calculate the right sheet size. In addition, you must also determine the so-called bar height (mattress height + topper height) for your box-spring bed. If it is less than 41 cm, one sheet is sufficient to cover the topper and the mattress. If both are higher or you only want to cover the topper, you need special sheets with special dimensions.

How to choose the right material for your bed sheet

Bed sheets come in a variety of materials, but you can recognize a high-quality cover by its high proportion of natural fibres, which absorb moisture well and thus ensure a comfortable sleeping environment. For example, a cotton content of over 95% with an elastane content of 5% is an ideal combination of high quality and accuracy of fit.

However, since truly healthy sleep is only possible on a sleeping surface that is free of harmful substances, you should make sure that no harmful chemicals find their way into your bedroom unnoticed when buying your cover. One of the best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances is the OEKO-TEX seal, for example. If the bed sheet of your choice has this label, you can make yourself comfortable in bed without worrying. 😊

Tips for proper care

Topper with removable coverIf you have finally purchased the right bed sheet for your box-spring bed, you will of course want to try it out right away. But first of all, like all new textiles, the cover should go into your washing machine, because this is the only way to ensure that any chemical odours are removed and to effectively prevent allergies. Generally, you should wash fitted sheets at 60°C to kill bacteria. These temperatures are generally not a problem for cotton sheets, but if you have chosen a less easy-care and heat-resistant material, you should also invest in a good hygiene laundry rinse. The label of your bed sheet will also give you further care instructions for drying or ironing. It is important – just as with the mattress cover itself – to pull the sheet over the mattress only when it is completely dry. Residual moisture can otherwise cause a risk of mould.