Schlafzimmer Art Deco Stil

Opulent, but never overpowering: With the Art Déco Style you can add a sense of luxury to your bedroom! This creative high-gloss look, perfected in the Golden Twenties, is characterised by a luxurious setting and exquisite materials that create a glamorous atmosphere. Discover the charm of Art Déco Style for your home!

What are the characteristics of the Art Déco Style?

Art Deco StilLiving as luxuriously as the Great Gatsby: Art Déco is the right choice for you if you have always dreamed of a touch of glamour in your bedroom. In the 1920s and 1930s, Art Déco broke new ground in design, and drew its inspiration and influences from the most diverse directions. As a contrast to the minimalism of the emerging modernism, Art Déco Style can be described as opulent. Curved forms of past eras are combined with futuristic details, imaginative ornaments and quotations from foreign cultures.

With its tendency towards extravagant decoration, iridescent materials and a splendid ambience, Art Déco elevates the interior to a status of art. Although the term “Art Déco Style” has now been established, the extravagant decoration is not a uniform style that was influenced by a particular school. Instead, Art Déco is the contemporary expression of an unleashed society which was looking for glamour and a luxurious, modern lifestyle after the deprivations of the First World War. How can you integrate the sophisticated, timeless 20s chic into your bedroom? We have a few tips!

Furnishing the bedroom in Art Déco Style

The Art Déco Style offers a wide range of design possibilities to create eye-catchers and give your sleep oasis a royal flair. There is no room for understatement: expressive, sensual colours characterise the noble interior of the Roaring Twenties. While the floor is often kept in a simple checkerboard pattern, you are allowed to be creative with the wall design. Set lively accents in your bedroom with floral or geometric vintage patterns and create a splendid ambience with strong colours such as petrol, bordeaux, violet or emerald green.

Once you have created the right setting with an extravagant wall design, it’s time to move on to the heart of your bedroom: The bed. In Art Déco Style, the private relaxation area can be voluminous and opulent. Box spring beds are a real eye-catcher and perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your home. Discover the Swissflex® Box for example – pure luxury to admire and experience! The elegant design not only provides you with a stylish look, but also ensures heavenly sleeping comfort with the innovative Swissflex bridge® slat base.

Art Deco Schlafzimmer

Cushions, upholstery and bed linen are characterised by velvety elegance. It expresses the charm of the Art Déco Style with velvet, silk and high-quality materials that reflect the light in the bedroom and create wonderfully sparkling accents. Shimmering elements in gold, silver, bronze or chrome provide a finishing touch and just the right pinch of luxury. However, you should use them sparingly – after all, you don’t want to overload your bedroom!

Art Déco – Brilliant details for more glamour in the bedroom

Art Deco LampenWith a style as glamorous and complex as Art Déco, you cannot afford to miss the accessories which complete the luxury look of your temple of well-being. Elegant shapes and shimmering surfaces are extremely popular in Art Déco Style. Crystal mirrors with clear, geometric edges highlight your bedroom perfectly and create an even more spacious impression. Wall mirrors elaborately decorated in Art Nouveau style or high-quality lacquered vases are also strikingly unique.

Rich lighting in the bedroom is a must in order to put the decorative Art Déco Style in the right light! Opulent chandeliers and handmade lamps made of shiny brass and glass are typical accessories. With their clear lines and geometric shapes, these iconic lamps seemed almost avant-garde at the time and still provide a futuristic feeling with a feel-good factor today. Enjoy a pleasantly glamorous atmosphere with the Art Déco Style, which could almost come from a chic hotel of the 1920s! With the noble elegance of Art Déco you bring the exciting feeling of the Golden Twenties directly into your bedroom and underline the comfort of your sleeping oasis in a tasteful way.

Our tip: With a bedroom in the legendary Art Déco Style you will always be bedded in style! To ensure that the look of the Roaring Twenties arrives in the 21st century and fits perfectly into your home, you should choose a balanced mixture of noble decorations and simple, modern designs. This creates an impressive atmosphere that combines the charm of the past era with modern furnishings.