How to buy a new bed

Anyone who wants to buy a new bed faces a whole series of decisions: What size should the bed be? Which bed system will meet my comfort requirements? How to choose the right design? A comfortable bed is characterised by the perfect coordination of the individual components – bed frame, slat base and mattress – and skilfully combines the positive characteristics of these individual elements. You will find a high-quality bed system that works like a perfectly cooperating team at Swissflex – and also fantastic designs that will make you dream just by looking at your new bed. We will tell you how to buy your new bed like a professional.

  1. Why it is so important to buy the right bed
  2. Which bed frame should it be?
  3. Not losing sight in the mattress jungle
  4. The slat base as the foundation for the optimal lying position
  5. Buying the right bed for your furnishing

Why it is so important to buy the right bed

SchlafkomfortOn average, we spend about 8 hours a day in bed. Therefore, it is particularly important to find the right fit in order to get a good night’s sleep and start the day refreshed.

Are headaches, daytime sleepiness, ravenous appetite, mood swings and back pain your regular companion? An unsuitable or worn-out bed could be the reason why you do not get a good night’s rest. In the long run, this can have grave consequences for your back and general well-being.

But it’s not only the inner values that count when buying a bed. Your new bed should also match you and your bedroom appearance and be exactly the same style. Ideally, you feel great as soon as you enter your bedroom and see your dream bed.

Which bed frame should it be?

Do you like to spread out at night, or do you prefer to cuddle up? How much space does your bedroom offer? The question regarding the right size of the bed frame is usually the first thing you’re asked when you want to buy a bed. The size of the bed that suits you depends largely on how much space your bedroom offers and how much space you would like to have to stretch out. 😉

Beds with a size of 80×200 cm or 90×200 cm are particularly suitable if you want to save space, such as in a child’s room or a student room. If you have more space available, you can of course allow yourself a larger lying surface. If you share your bed with your better half, a width of 160 cm or more is ideal. This way you can make sure that you don’t disturb each other at night.

Not losing sight in the mattress jungle

When buying a bed, it can seem difficult at first to keep track of the mattress jungle. But if you think about your desired comfort beforehand, you too will quickly find the right mattress for you.

The mattress should be as supportive as possible and at the same time relieve the spine to protect its natural S-shape. So, there is no way around testing beds, and it is best to get a consultant to take a look at the spine when lying on your side. Buying a mattress for your bed only based on a feeling can be quite deceptive in retrospect.

When it comes to choosing the mattress core, one thing can be said: the mattress should be chosen individually according to your own wishes, because each type of core has its advantages:

Swissflex mattresses with Gomtex® Gel are particularly flexible and adapt to the body shape with every movement, while at the same time supporting important parts of the body – ideal for people who move around a lot in their sleep and wish to relieve sensitive body parts.

versa 22 Swissflex Gomtex Gel

Swissflex mattresses with natural latex are characterised by a high point elasticity and thus provide pleasant pressure relief. Natural latex is also particularly durable. These mattresses are therefore suitable for all those who place great importance on lying comfortably in various sleeping positions.

versa 22 Naturlatex

Cold foam mattresses are particularly elastic and breathable due to their open-pored cell structure. They fit you and your needs, if individual adaptation to your body contour and a restful sleeping climate are particularly important to you.

versa 24 Gomtex

Or should it be a pocket spring mattress that offers heavenly comfort all year round? The versa excellence with its two toppers is the excellent foundation for good sleep, regardless of the season.

versa excellence

Swissflex hybrid mattresses combine pocket spring core and foam and raise the sleeping comfort to a new level, making you feel practically weightless – perfect for you if you want point-elastic support and flexible pressure relief.

SF Hybrid 24

The slat base as foundation for the optimal lying position

Lattenrost fürs Bett kaufen

Just like the search for a suitable mattress, the choice of the right slat base is also important, because even the best mattress does not offer the expected comfort if the slat base underneath is not also of high quality.

A high-quality slat base provides a pleasant springing of the body, is adaptable and supportive. In addition, it allows the mattress to “breathe” and contributes to the ventilation of the bed. If you want to buy a new bed, a complete bed system is a good choice. This way you can be sure that the slat base and bed frame fit together precisely. From a fixed slat base to an electrically adjustable version, Swissflex has the right model for you!

Buying the right bed for your furnishing

Our furnishings are often as individual as each of us. Your new bed should naturally match it, so that a harmonious picture is created, and you can really relax in your bedroom. The choice of design is probably the most enjoyable part of buying a bed. Different headboard designs, numerous fabrics and colours, different feet – it’s your creativity’s turn!

For example, beds with a wooden frame and headboard look wonderfully natural and down to earth. If you like to bring a bit of colour into the bedroom, you can add an unusual eye-catcher with a coloured fabric cover of the bed frame. A combination of wood and fabric is also particularly chic. Whether narrow or generously upholstered, your taste decides!

How to buy a new bed

You see, with a few preliminary considerations you can find out which bed suits you best. The next step is to let an expert who takes your wishes and ideas into account advise you, and then buy your new dream bed. This way, you will enjoy fantastic comfort in your oasis of well-being for the next years, which is something to be proud of. 😊