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We would like to help you buy the right blanket with the following tips, so that you no longer fall asleep with cold feet or wake up sweaty in the night. Because no matter whether it is winter or spring, a good blanket is a must for your bedroom. Simply tuck yourself in, close your eyes and you will feel safe and cosy. The blanket is not only a practical aid for a good night’s sleep, but also helps you relax.

  1. The right blanket for people feeling cold easily
  2. The right blanket for people sweating easily
  3. The right blanket for allergy sufferers
  4. More tips for a pleasant sleeping climate

The right blanket for people feeling cold easily

You tend to get cold quickly and your feet are always icy? Then cosy down duvets are just the thing for you. They store heat best and keep you pleasantly warm at night. What is important to know before you decide to buy a specific blanket: The bigger the down, the warmer it will be in your bed. We also recommend jersey bedclothes for extra cold nights. The knitted, non-woven fabric has a particularly soft haptic and gives you a cosy feeling. The insulation between the bedclothes and your skin gives you a pleasant feeling of warmth.

The right blanket for people sweating easily

Do you want to buy a blanket that cools you down at night? Blankets made of camel hair, cashmere or new wool are perfect for people who sweat a lot. They quickly absorb moisture and at the same time conduct it away to the outside. Quick tip: If that is still too warm for you, you should try blankets made of percale or satin. The smooth surface creates a cooling feel. If you are not a fan of satin, the natural material linen is a great alternative. The material is not only more temperature-resistant when washed and therefore more hygienic but also has a stronger cooling effect.

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The right blanket for allergy sufferers

From now on, no more sneezing and itching at night! Allergy sufferers should definitely buy a blanket that is washable and breathable. Blankets with microfibre filling are particularly suitable. That way, mites and other allergy triggers no longer stand a chance. Another form of protection is provided by special encasings, which also keep dust mites out. These encasings are protective covers for blankets that are specially designed for allergy sufferers because of their anti-mite effect.

More tips for a pleasant sleeping climate

For a pleasant night’s sleep, it is not only important to buy the right blanket, but also to ensure the right temperature in the bedroom. Especially in winter, the indoor climate poses difficulties because the heating is on during the day and one does not want to open the windows as often when it is cold outside. The problem is that the heating makes the air in the bedroom very dry and often too warm – even though we may subjectively feel otherwise. The result: restless nights and sleep deprivation. So, it is best to make sure that the humidity is between 40% and 60% and that the temperature in your bedroom does not exceed 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. Regular airing also plays an important role in creating suitable conditions for restful sleep. It is particularly important to note that a tilted window – possibly with the heating turned on at the same time – does not do much for the exchange of air. The magic word here is “impact ventilation”. Switch off the heating to avoid wasting energy. Another factor that determines the right sleeping climate is the mattress, as there are also different models for different temperature preferences!

We hope that these tips will help you buy the blanket that is best suited for you and enjoy relaxed nights in an ideal sleeping climate in the future! 😊


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