modern spring decorations

Modern spring decoration for your home

Spring is coming soon, so it is definitely time for new spring decorations in your home! When nature shows its colourful splendour outside the window, we want to make sure that spring awakens in style at home, too. Fresh colours, fragrant flowers and lots of good humour are moving in. We have collected our favourite ideas for modern spring decorations – get inspired!

spring decorations

Let new spring decorations enter your bedroom

The cold days full of snow and rain have lasted long enough, now spring is finally around the corner and with it comes the desire for spring cleaning and a breath of fresh air in our home decorations. Let change enter your bedroom by making it fit for the new season with wonderful spring decorations.

sustainability in the bedroom

Sustainability in the bedroom

We want to be able to relax and rest in our bedroom. But have you ever thought about how you can harmonise your need for rest with the topic of sustainability? We tell you how you can integrate sustainable materials like wood and rattan into your bedroom to create a natural look with just a few changes.

furnishing a bedroom

Better not! Typical mistakes when furnishing a bedroom

How we furnish our bedroom has a direct influence on our well-being. Surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere, switching off after an eventful day is much easier and a restful night’s sleep is in sight. We provide you with inspiration the other way round by showing you typical “don’ts” in bedroom design.

90s decoration bedroom

Decoration ideas for the bedroom – the 90s are back

Did you know that our sleeping environment is also crucial for good sleep? Decoration for the bedroom is therefore worth considering for everyone, as it can have a decisive influence on our sleeping comfort. Currently, the 90s are moving back into our homes – we will tell you how to give your bedroom a new look with original decoration ideas.


Create your scary Halloween decoration

All those who like to decorate, do handicrafts and try out creative recipes will get bright eyes in October – Halloween is just around the corner! This festival for creepy-crawlies is not only a reason for children to (pre)enjoy themselves, but can – with the right preparation – become a spectacle for the whole family.

Autumn mood

Get into the autumn mood with autumn-like cosiness

Buying the right bedside tables is a crucial factor in raising the comfort level of your bedroom and transforming it into a heavenly oasis of well-being. Find out why a bedside table is so useful, what you should look out for when buying it and what decoration ideas you can use to successfully show off your furniture.

reading light integrated in bedside table

Beautiful and practical: reading lamp for the bed

Do you wish for a warm, atmospheric lighting in the evening hours as well as at night? A pretty light source is the perfect addition to your bedroom. Whether it is a floor lamp, table lamp or wall lamp: a reading lamp makes the hearts of bookworms beat faster and gives bright light wherever you need it. We tell you what criteria you should consider when buying a reading lamp and which design options are available to you regarding a decorative reading lamp.

Minimalistic bed with white bed linen

How often should you change your bed linen?

When it comes to changing the bed linen, opinions differ – some people think that changing the bed linen once a week is not enough, while others only consider removing the bed sheets after a few weeks. Find out why you should change your bed linen regularly and how to wash them properly.