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bedroom temperature
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Sleep better with Swissflex: Ideal bedroom temperature

We are facing cold winter days, when the heating is running at full speed and people are often afraid to open the windows. But especially in the cold seasons it is all the more important to ensure an ideal climate in your bedroom – proper heating and ventilation for an ideal bedroom temperature and a restful sleep is the key!

dreams meaning
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The meaning of our dreams

The meaning of our dreams is an exciting topic that has always fascinated mankind. It is hard to imagine that our dreams should happen for no reason at all. And indeed, most scientists today agree that dreams are important for our well-being. Here you can find out how you can use your dreams as a guide to your life through their meaning.

Schlafender Hund
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Should pets be allowed to sleep in bed?

To cuddle with our four-legged friends is a wonderful way to pass the time, which provides us pure happiness. Some people would therefore like to continue the cuddling sessions in a comfortable bed. But is it a good idea to cuddle our pets in bed or even let them sleep there?

Wecker Schlafzyklus
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Sleep cycle: Which sleep is the most restful?

Sleep is not just sleep: the human sleep cycle is made up of different sleep phases. An undisturbed cycle with the correct sequence of the individual sleep phases is essential for our well-being and health. But which sleep phases exist? We explain how human sleep is structured!

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Getting rid of snoring? These are the possibilities

No matter if you are affected by it yourself or if your partner regularly saws up whole forests during sleep: Snoring is often perceived as highly annoying and thus stands in the way of a restful night’s sleep. But how does soring even occur, and how can you get rid of this annoying problem? We give you helpful tips so that peace can soon be restored in the bedroom.

Air conditioning in the bedroom
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Is air conditioning suitable for the bedroom?

Especially in the hot summer months, many people long for a breath of fresh air in their own four walls. You would like to have air conditioning in your bedroom to provide a pleasant room climate and to be able to fall asleep fast despite the heat? Learn more about what you should be aware of before installing air conditioning in the bedroom!