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Schlaflose Nächte durch Tinnitus
Good Night

Sleepless nights due to tinnitus? What really helps

Tinnitus is not only a burden in everyday life but can also disturb your sleep. When the ringing in your ears seems to ruin any thought of a restful night, the despair increases. But with the right measures, you can enjoy peaceful nights despite the tinnitus. Relaxation exercises and a healthy sleep routine will help you get more rest and recharge your batteries while you sleep.

Therapy blanket
Good Night

Therapy blanket – hype or truly useful?

Have you heard about the new therapy blankets, too? This special sleeping accessory promises an exceptionally cosy, snug sleeping experience. It is supposed to help you relax better at night and noticeably improve the quality of your sleep. We took a closer look at the unusual blankets and tell you what they are all about.

Why do we dream
Good Night

Why do we dream? Let’s enter the world of dreams!

At night, when we sleep, we go on fantastic adventures and explore imaginative worlds. Sometimes colourful, sometimes frightening, sometimes simple and calm. There are no limits to our dreams, but why do we dream at all? Scientists agree that dreams are extremely important for our well-being. We will take a look at the causes and what dreams mean to us.

Earplugs for sleeping
Good Night

Earplugs for sleeping – harmless or harmful?

Not only on travels, but also at home, some people swear by earplugs for sleeping in order to enjoy undisturbed rest. But are these practical noise absorbers really harmless, or can they harm your health? We explain which effect wearing earplugs has on your sleep comfort.

bedroom temperature
Good Night

Sleep better with Swissflex: Ideal bedroom temperature

We are facing cold winter days, when the heating is running at full speed and people are often afraid to open the windows. But especially in the cold seasons it is all the more important to ensure an ideal climate in your bedroom – proper heating and ventilation for an ideal bedroom temperature and a restful sleep is the key!