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Time for two - Holding hands
Sleep Life Balance

Time for two – How to survive it harmoniously

Time for two, it can be so beautiful – if you spend it together voluntarily. But what happens when we are supposed to stay at home for weeks, have to keep social contacts to a minimum and the workplace is suddenly set up in the living room? We’ll tell you how you can survive the time together harmoniously and look forward to the future as a couple.

Leichte Rezpte mit frischem Obst
Sleep Life Balance

The taste of summer – light recipes for every day

When the days get warmer, the desire for light recipes, such as summer salads or cold soups, grows. We don’t want to hear about hearty food and steaming stews in bright sunshine. Summer is the perfect time for seasonal food, because the variety of vegetables and fruit is wonderfully large and invites you to create delicious dishes. Let yourself be enchanted by our wonderfully light recipes!

ideas against boredom
Sleep Life Balance

Our ideas against boredom – Activities to do at home

At the moment, creative ideas against boredom are in demand, because everyday life is not what it used to be. Concerts, parties and more are cancelled, so we hardly see anything else except our own four walls. Extensive cuddling in bed is nice, of course, and there is nothing wrong with a series marathon every now and then. But in the long run we need some other ideas against boredom!

Schlank im Schlaf
Sleep Life Balance

Slim in your sleep – Reality or Myth?

Becoming slim in your sleep, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Keeping a balanced diet and staying in shape is not that easy in everyday life. Imagine all these extra pounds going away overnight. Can losing weight overnight be that simple? Are those rumours about “slim in your sleep” true or is it just a myth?