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Slim in your sleep – Reality or Myth?

Becoming slim in your sleep, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Keeping a balanced diet and staying in shape is not that easy in everyday life. Imagine all these extra pounds going away overnight. Can losing weight overnight be that simple? Are those rumours about “slim in your sleep” true or is it just a myth?

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Kick start your day with morning workouts

For some people a morning workout sounds like a great idea, for others however it is the complete opposite. It is just too cosy in bed! However, morning workouts can have a positive impact on body and mind – that is why you should give it a try! Here are some tips on how to get your early workouts going more easily.

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How much sleep is healthy?

Sleeping in and staying in a cosy bed is absolutely wonderful, isn’t it? But how much sleep is healthy? Can a person sleep too much? On the one hand, there are night owls which are fit the next day even without sleeping in. On the other hand, there are also some marmots which press the snooze button on the alarm clock again and again in the morning. So how do you find out how much sleep is healthy for you?

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Cleaning the mattress – A few helpful tips

Cleaning the mattress is an important part of thorough mattress care, which can significantly extend the life of your mattress. After all, we spend on average more than a third of the day in bed. Over time, dust, sweat and skin flakes accumulate – a good breeding ground for bacteria and mites. With our tips, you’ll be able to clean your mattress with a snap and enjoy an all-round fresh feeling in your bedroom!

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Sleep Life Balance

The best tips for more relaxation in daily life

Unfortunately, in daily life, there is often not enough time to relax between the stress of work appointments and private obligations. For your well-being, however, it is important to slow down and create small phases of relaxation. With our tips you can break the vicious circle and finally take a deep breath again!