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sleep better with bridge slat bases
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Sleep better with Swissflex: Slat bases with bridge®-technology

You cannot see it, but it is – in the truest sense of the word – a very important basis for good sleep: the slat base. You can simply sleep better if you have a stable and high-quality slat base as the basis for your own bed. For an individual adaptation to your needs, our bridge® slat bases are available in different models and with different adjustabilities. We have summarised all important information for you here.

slat base 140x200 cm
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Slat base 140×200 cm – Maximum comfort

A slat base supports the body in exactly the right places and thus ensures a relaxed feeling when lying down – the best conditions for a restful night’s sleep! The slat base 140×200 cm offers enough space for single sleepers as well as couples and enhances the optimal ventilation of your mattress. We will tell you if the luxurious maximum width is exactly the right choice for your bedroom.

Good mattresses Swissflex
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Good mattresses and what distinguishes them

We spend a third of our life sleeping – good mattresses are therefore important for your health and for the regeneration of your body. Make your personal needs the first priority when buying a mattress, so that you really enjoy individual comfort. Learn more about the factors that help you recognize good mattresses and how to find the right one for you.

Swissflex bed grey
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Perfectly adjusted – Swissflex sleeping systems

Simply falling into bed after an exhausting day and waking up fresh and well-rested – this is what sleeping systems are supposed to make possible. Therefore, Swissflex develops sleeping systems that provide individual comfort and contribute to a pleasant relaxation. Here, mattress, slat base and bed frame are perfectly adjusted to each other to provide the highest sleep quality.

Adjustment period
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Adjusting to a new mattress

Is there a period of adjustment for new mattresses? This question often occurs after buying a mattress. The uncertainty grows even more, if the first night on the new mattress feels unfamiliar. Find out what the adjustment period is all about.