Minimalistic bed with white bed linen

When it comes to changing the bed linen, opinions differ – some people think that changing the bed linen once a week is not enough, while others only consider removing the bed sheets after a few weeks. While we automatically put our clothes into the laundry basket in the evening, only few of us seem to have this need when it comes to bed linen. Find out why we should nevertheless change the bed linen regularly and especially how often it is recommended.

Why you should not do without changing the bed linen

On average, we spend eight hours in bed every night, which adds up to a third of our total lifetime. But the bed is not only used for sleeping, there is also breakfast in bed, reading and relaxing, sometimes even romping around with the children. 😉 That is how dust, crumbs and the like end up in your bed. And even if you go to bed after a fresh shower every evening, you will still lose skin scales, hair and sweat overnight. These processes of your body are completely natural, but make regular changing and washing of bed linen and care of your mattress a must. Then mites have no chance to spread and you can always fall asleep with a fresh feeling.

How often should you change the bed linen?

Every two weeks you should change and wash the bed linen. Even though this may seem exhausting for a large bed with many pillows, all covers should be removed and replaced with a fresh set.

But as with every rule, there are exceptions. For example, if you sweat a lot at night, you may want to change the bed linen more often. The same applies to people who are allergic to house dust. To protect yourself from restless nights and sneezing fits, it is important to change your bed linen more often and to pay particular attention to the temperature. Mites die at a temperature above 58°C, so you should wash your bed sheets and covers at 60°C.

White bed linen

Tips for a gentle laundry

As you probably know, frequent washing is not particularly gentle on the material. In order to be able to use your favourite bed linen as long as possible, you should follow a few tips. Turn your sheets inside out before putting them in the washing machine. This protects the fabric and the colours stay bright and shiny longer. When changing and washing your bed linen, you should always separate them by colour. Coloured, white and black linen should be washed separately in the washing machine. We will tell you here how to best care for the individual colours:

  •  Coloured bed linen:It is best to use a colour detergent for this purpose so that the colours retain their luminosity for a long time. 40°C is sufficient here, for very dirty bed linen you can also use 60°C.
  • Black bed linen:Here you can proceed as if you were doing colourful laundry. Choose a lower temperature and use a special detergent so that the black colour does not fade.
  • White bed linen:Generally, white bed linen can be washed at up to 95°C. But just to be on the safe side, take a look at the care instructions for your duvet covers to find out the best temperature. Colour or heavy-duty detergent is suitable as a laundry detergent.

A bedding for the whole year?

Bed linen are similar to your clothes. After all, you wouldn’t wear a thick winter sweater in summer or go out in winter with thin pants, would you? You can also adjust your bed linen to the seasons, so that you always have optimal conditions for your sleep. When changing your bed linen, you can check directly whether it still meets the requirements for the respective season. 😉 For cold days, you should choose bed linen that retain heat well so that you can sleep comfortably and snugly. Fabrics such as flannel or seersucker are particularly suitable. For summer, on the other hand, you need breathable fabrics which transport moisture away from the body and balance the temperature. Jersey and pekal are a good choice because they keep you cool at night.

Are you rather looking for an all-round talent that is a faithful companion in summer as well as in winter? Bed linen made of silk ensure pleasant temperatures all year round. Another advantage is that they do not offer mites a favourable habitat, which makes them perfect for allergic people.


You should definitely make a note on your list of household chores to change the bed linen. But if it happens a few days later, you don’t need to stress about it. After all, you need to feel comfortable in your bed to relax and sleep well. And how could you sleep better than in a freshly made bed? 😉