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Cleaning the mattress is an important part of thorough mattress care, which can significantly extend the life span of your mattress. On average we spend more than a third of the day in bed, after all. Over time, dust, sweat and skin scales accumulate – a good breeding ground for bacteria and mites. With our tips, you’ll be able to clean your mattress easily and enjoy an all-round fresh feeling in your bedroom!

This is why you should clean your mattress regularly

Whether it’s an extensive gourmet breakfast in bed or cuddling with your dog after a walk in the fresh air: a mishap in the bedroom happens faster than expected and can leave unsightly stains on your mattress. Therefore, it is important to clean the mattress regularly and to remove any dirt that has accumulated in everyday life. But even if no stains are visible superficially: Even sweat residue or tiny scales of skin, which everyone loses during sleep, will clog your mattress over time and create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mites. Up to 1.5 million small arachnids can stay in a single bed and their feces can trigger allergies in many people. With the right care tips, you can make things really uncomfortable for the uninvited guests. We’ll tell you how to clean your mattress effectively and how to can benefit from a wonderfully clean feeling in your sleep oasis.

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Cleaning the mattress – How often is it necessary?

When it comes to cleaning the mattress, many of us prefer to turn a blind eye, even though we don’t spend more time on any other piece of furniture than on our bed! In a pleasant sleeping environment, red wine or coffee stains have absolutely no place. Reason enough to stop avoiding cleaning. With a removable mattress cover, a mattress protector and a sheet, it is not at all difficult to keep the mattress clean and enjoy a fresh sleeping climate.

It would be the best to check your mattress and especially the mattress cover for stains at regular intervals. The fresher a stain is, the easier it is to remove. So, get to work before the stain seeps through the mattress cover and into the mattress. It is generally recommended to remove dust, skin scales and Co. every few months from the mattress cover. You should treat yourself to an intensive cleaning of your mattress at least once a year to ensure a hygienic sleeping climate. People who are allergic to house dust can benefit from more frequent cleaning – even if you are particularly sensitive to dirt, dust and mites, you should pay attention to your symptoms and adjust the cleaning rhythm of the mattress cover accordingly. However, you should not overdo it: The obsession with cleanliness does more harm than good to the mattress. By changing bed linen and sheets at regular intervals, you are already making an enormous contribution to the bed hygiene.

Airing the mattress helps against mites and mould

The first step in cleaning your mattress is to air it carefully. To air your mattress, lift it out of the bed frame so that it is largely exposed and open the window for a few hours to provide a fresh supply of air – mites don’t like this at all! Regular airing of the bedroom is also important because it helps prevent mould growth on your mattress. If you also turn or flip your mattress model, you ensure an even load and prevent unpleasant hollows in the bed.

Our tip: The fresh air circulation may also bring some moisture into the bedroom. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the mattress upright at room temperature before you reach for a fresh sheet.

Washing the mattress cover – Pay attention to the care label

Mattress care is very easy if your mattress has a removable cover. Before you put the mattress cover in the washing machine, you should always read the care instructions on the washing label. This will tell you at which the temperature you can wash the cover and which detergent is best suited for cleaning.

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If your mattress and therefore its cover are very large, the capacity of a standard washing machine quickly reaches its limits. In this case, it is better to visit a launderette in your area, which has larger washing drums. After cleaning, it is best to leave the mattress cover to dry in the fresh air. The dryer is also an option if the cover is suited for drying and you need to do so quickly – look for the dryer symbol on the care label. Important: The mattress may only be wrapped in the cover when it is completely dry. Otherwise, the residual moisture could lead to mould stains or even mould.

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Cleaning the mattress cover – The best SOS tips

The good news is that if you’ve had an accident, you can often clean your mattress cover by yourself and do not have to send it to the cleaners. These household remedies have proven their worth in the fight against annoying stains:

  • Remove blood stains: Blood stains are easiest to remove when they are fresh. Moisten the stain with a bit of cold water and use a generous amount of baking powder or soda lye afterwards. After half an hour, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry.
  • Remove red wine stains: If the red wine stain is still fresh, mineral water can work wonders. If it is an older mishap, sprinkle the stain with salt and scrape off the dried red wine stain afterwards.
  • Remove perspiration stains: Unfortunately, unsightly perspiration stains are not uncommon on the mattress. The best way to remove them is to use baking powder and baking soda, which you leave on overnight. The next morning, rinse with water and let it dry completely.
  • Remove urine stains: Lemon juice and vinegar are your weapons against urine stains! Sprinkle the stain with a mixture of both liquids and let it dry afterwards. Since vinegar has an intense inherent odour, you should ideally treat urine stains in the morning and air the mattress thoroughly afterwards.

Sheets and mattress covers protect your mattress from a large amount of dust, skin scales or stains. In addition, a mattress protector is recommended, which serves as a further protective layer. Regular cleaning will keep your bed clean and preserve a fresh feeling in the bedroom!