Decorate your balcony with colours

High above the rooftops of the city lies your oasis of well-being: the balcony! Especially in apartments you can often feel limited because large gardens that offer privacy jare missing. How nice that balconies can give you a feeling of freedom. It doesn’t have to be the roof terrace of the penthouse, you can also decorate a small balcony and turn it into a cosy place in just a few steps.

Your balcony is a real all-rounder

Dining area, living room and sometimes maybe even bedroom, no other place in your apartment is as versatile as your balcony. Here you can take a deep breath and find relaxation in your stressful everyday life.

In order to be able to decorate your balcony in a suitable way, you should first think about what you mainly want to use your balcony for. This is especially important if space is limited. Do you enjoy barbecuing with the family? Do you love to have breakfast outside with your sweetheart? Or do you just like to sunbathe? Don’t worry, you don’t have to limit yourself to one purpose, but you shouldn’t overload your balcony either. For example, if you like to invite friends over for dinner, a small balcony grill might be something for you. Just hang it up like a flower box on the balcony railing and you’ll have delicious food and space for your friends.

By the way, whether it is a large or small balcony: A privacy protection offers more privacy and helps to see the balcony as a usable space. If you leave small rays of light between the visual protection and the balcony, you won’t feel confined either.

Decorating the balcony for the summer

Create storage space

The extra space may tempt you to use the balcony as a storage room. According to the motto “out of sight out of mind”, deposit bottles and dusty hiking boots are “parked” here. But all this only leads to the fact that you don’t like to stay on your balcony because there is no cosy atmosphere. So, when redesigning your balcony, make sure to include storage space. For example, a folding bench can be used to store crates of drinks or gardening tools. Clever decoration, for example plants or lanterns, look great on small chests of drawers or cupboards. This way you benefit from practical storage space, but at the same time have a nice and cosy atmosphere. Having a fixed place for everything also helps to keep things tidy.

Let it bloom – Decorate your balcony with plants

decorate your balcony with flowers

For those with a green thumb, or those who still want to get one, “decorating your balcony” means first and foremost finding space for plants. A trick for more space is to use hanging flower boxes. You can easily attach them to the railing and get more space for your flowering variety. Not only you will love this picturesque sight, passers-by and neighbours will also be delighted about colourful flowers that stand out wonderfully against plain house walls. Besides flowers, you can also grow your own vegetables. Knowing that zucchini and tomato are home-grown, makes them taste even more delicious. And the idea of only having to go out on the balcony in summer to get fresh strawberries is tempting, isn’t it? 😉

Depending on how much space you have, you can also venture out to small trees or bushes. Orange or olive trees give your place of well-being a Mediterranean atmosphere and bring you back to your last holiday in the south.

From grey monotony to a cosy save heaven

decorate your balcony with fairy lightsWithout furniture or decoration, the first thing you see on your balcony is probably grey monotony. What may seem uninviting at first glance can be changed in a few simple steps. On your next walk through the neighbourhood, take a look at how others decorate their balconies and let yourself be inspired by it. A simple change with a big effect are for example fairy lights. They radiate a pleasantly warm light and ensure that you can relax outside even after sunset. When buying fairy lights, make sure that they are outdoor fairy lights, which you don’t need to take down when it rains. If you don’t have access to electricity on your balcony, that’s no problem either. There are many solar fairy lights in different designs that are charged by sunlight during the day and start to glow in the dark.

For even more cosiness you can get a small couch or chairs made of weatherproof rattan and equip them with colourful cushions. With a mix of different materials and structures you can give your balcony a more homely feeling. If you turn your outdoor area into a cosy landscape, you should pay attention to the weather forecast and remember to store the cushions safely in case it rains.

Our insider tip: Lay the floor with artificial grass! This way, your balcony will be transformed effortlessly into a green oasis high above the rooftops of the city.


What could be better than spending the warm days together outside with friends, delicious food, refreshing drinks and good music? Whether you decide on a complete make-over or just want to decorate your balcony with a few little touches: We are sure you will love the balmy summer evenings in your new oasis of well-being!