Osterdeko Ideen

Easter is almost here! Is your Easter decoration already complete or are you still looking for some ideas on how to create a friendly atmosphere? Whether you want to decorate the bedroom or the table for the Easter brunch, we will show you our highlights for wonderful Easter decorations!

Must-have for the Easter decoration: Self designed Easter eggs

If there is one thing your Easter decoration cannot miss, it is Easter eggs! Not only chocolate eggs for hide and seek are part of Easter. Easter eggs provide a nice change in the decoration, too. Be creative when designing your own Easter eggs and include your children in creating unique little pieces of art. This way the Easter preparations will be fun for the whole family!

Natürlich gefärbte EierColourful Easter eggs

Especially the little ones usually favour colourful Easter eggs. You feel the same? Instead of using colours from the store you can also colour your eggs naturally. For example, you need beetroot for red eggs, turmeric for yellow eggs, spinach for green eggs and blueberries or cabbage leaves for blue eggs.

The ingredients are put in a pot with about 1.5 l of water each and boiled until the water has changed colour. After about ten minutes you can take the stock from the stove and sift out your natural ingredients. Then place the eggs in the stock so that they take on the natural colour. This works best with white eggs, but you can also use brown eggs. The longer the eggs remain in the colouring stock, the more intense the colour result will be.

Osterei mit GesichtEaster eggs with character

It is even easier to decorate Easter eggs with felt pens. You can give the blown off eggs an individual character by painting happy faces on the eggs. Laughing, amazed, sleeping… how will your egg faces look? Animal faces also fit perfectly into the Easter decoration. A beak for the chick or rabbit teeth for the Easter bunny are easy to draw for the big and the little ones. If you don’t trust your artistic skills, you can of course draw the faces on a piece of paper and try out different faces first. Our tip: eggs with rabbit faces are perfect for the table decoration. Simply place a napkin around the egg and tie the ends together at the top as ears – this way you create a sweet eye-catcher on your plate.


Nests for the Easter decoration

You don’t have to hide all your Easter eggs at Easter! Self-designed Easter nests make a pretty, natural decoration in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. First, you need a nest in your desired size. You can order them at craft shops or furniture stores, for example. It also looks nice if you use nests of different sizes for your Easter decoration. Now you place eggs or decorative figures of your choice in the nests. Bunnies or birds made of porcelain suit the occasion perfectly and can also be added to the spring decorations after the holidays.

Nester für die Osterdeko

The eggs for your nests can be coloured or natural, just as you like. If you want to decorate unpainted eggs, tie a bow around the egg using cord or a thin ribbon or attach feathers from your craft supplies to the egg. The finishing touch is provided by a few blossoms or twigs from the garden. That’s how easy you can create a natural Easter highlight for your home!

Delicious Easter decorations

Osterdeko zum Anbeissen

As you know, you eat with your eyes first – that is also true for the festive meal or the extensive brunch at Easter! Are you looking forward to a delicious Easter menu as well? From yeast plait to carrot cake, our highlights are the sweet treats that belong on the table at Easter! Not only do the treats taste great, but they also look as sweet as sugar on the festive table. So, think of a delicious Easter decoration for the coffee table!

Leckere Osterdeko

Sugar eggs and nests made of chocolate make wonderful edible decorations on muffins or desserts in a glass. You can also decorate a cake or yeast plait in style. Chocolate eggs and powdered sugar give even a simple pastry a festive character in no time at all. With a few flowers or twigs from the garden and a nice tablecloth, a subtle but cheerful Easter decoration for your table is completed. Happy Easter! 😊