firmness of the mattress

The firmness of the mattress contributes to a comfortable lying position for the body. Therefore, you should try out which firmness is the most comfortable for you when buying a new mattress. But what different levels of firmness exist and what do you have to pay attention to precisely? We take a closer look at different levels of firmness and their importance for your sleeping comfort.

  1. These levels of mattress firmness exist
  2. Why is the firmness of the mattress so important?
  3. Finding the perfect mattress firmness
  4. The level of firmness in a double bed
  5. How relevant is the slat base?
  6. Does a topper change the firmness of the mattress?
  7. Conclusion

These levels of mattress firmness exist

The firmness characterises the comfort of the mattress and shows how hard or soft the mattress is. Most Swissflex mattresses are available with a soft or firm level of firmness; the mattresses SF Hybrid 24 and SF Hybrid 26 are also available in a medium level of firmness. For the mattress versa excellence you can choose between soft, firm and extra firm. On a mattress with the firm or extra firm level, you enjoy a firm lying sensation that offers reliable support. A mattress with a soft level of firmness, on the other hand, feels softer in comparison and provides cuddly comfort.

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An important advice for the search for a new mattress: Soft is not necessarily soft. The levels of firmness of a mattress are not standardized, which sometimes leads to small differences between mattresses from different manufacturers. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a local dealer and try out various models. That is the easiest way to find out which level of firmness is the most comfortable for you.

Why is the firmness of the mattress so important?

What happens if the level of firmness of your mattress does not suit you? The level of firmness is responsible for a comfortable and ergonomic lying position. For a pleasant sleep comfort, the mattress should be neither too hard nor too soft. When testing a mattress, pay attention to your back and spine. For the most comfortable relaxation, the spine should form a straight line when lying on your side!

firmness of the mattress

If the mattress is too soft, the hips sink too deep into the mattress, so that the spine can easily sag in this area. The results can be tension up to the neck or pain in the back.

If the mattress is too hard, it prevents the shoulders from sinking into the mattress. This might cause the spine to curve upwards in the shoulder area and can lead to neck tension or back pain. Thus, the right level of firmness of a mattress is worth gold for healthy sleep!

Finding the perfect mattress firmness for yourself

The right level of firmness of the mattress mainly depends on your body weight. For example, a firm mattress is usually not the best choice for people with low body weight. Due to little pressure, the shoulders and hips do not sink deep enough into the mattress to achieve a comfortable lying position. A higher weight, on the other hand, increases the pressure on the mattress and sinking into the mattress is possible without any problems even on a firm lying surface. At the same time, the firm core provides good body support. The higher the body weight, the firmer the mattress should be.

Your physique and your height are important as well, because they affect the weight distribution. Athletes with wide shoulders, for example, may be most comfortable on a soft mattress that allows the shoulders to sink in easily – even if a firmer model would suit their weight.

Your preferred sleeping position can also be kept in mind while looking for a matching mattress. Although it is normal to switch your position certain times, you surely have a favourite sleeping position, don’t you? For people who sleep on their stomach, a firm support from the mattress is important. For side sleepers, a mattress with a soft area for shoulders and hips is recommended.

The decisive factor, however, is your personal feeling. Do not choose the mattress based on certain numbers, because your feeling is more important. Choose the level of firmness which feels most comfortable for you. Healthy sleep begins with personal well-being, after all!

The level of firmness in a double bed

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Do you share your bed with your partner? If that is the case, you should consider choosing one continuous mattress or two single mattresses. If you have about the same body weight, a continuous mattress with a consistent level of firmness is an option for you. If your body weight differs considerably, you should use two single mattresses with different levels of firmness. Otherwise, the mattress may be too soft or too firm for one of you. It would be best to go buy the mattress together, so that each of you can choose the mattress that he/she prefers.

How relevant is the slat base?

Even if you have a mattress with an extra firm level of firmness, you will not experience enough support for your body without a slat base. Only combining the mattress with the slat base provides the perfect basis for healthy sleep. Therefore, your mattress and slat base should match!

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The Swissflex slat bases have a flexible body adjustment. Thanks to comfort zones and innovative technology, the slat bases can adapt individually to your body and provide a high level of comfort. The slat base uni 20, for example, has comfort zones in three different levels of firmness. Thus, the individual body zones benefit from custom-fit comfort: The back area receives strong support, while the shoulder area is particularly elastic. Both ends of the mattress have a medium elastic feeling to provide relief for head and feet.

Does a topper change the firmness of the mattress?

Toppers are used to give your bed an extra level of comfort. Our Swissflex toppers contribute to complete relaxation and pleasant sleep. A softer mattress cannot be stabilized by a topper. However, to achieve a softer feeling, you can use a topper for your firm mattress. Nevertheless, you should choose a mattress which is perfect for you even without a topper. This is the easiest way to create the best conditions for healthy sleep!


The level of firmness of the mattress shows how firm or soft the lying surface feels and supports a relaxed position while you are sleeping. When buying a mattress, your body weight and physique can serve as a guide to finding the right level of firmness. In the end, however, your personal feeling should determine your choice. So, let’s go try out some mattresses!