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We spend a third of our life sleeping – good mattresses are therefore not a trivial matter, but important for your health and for the regeneration of your body. Therefore, the decision to buy a mattress should be made carefully. Make your individual needs for the mattress the first priority, so that you really enjoy individual comfort. Learn more about the factors that help you recognize good mattresses and how to find the right one for you.

  1. What distinguishes good mattresses?
  2. Firmness of the mattress – firmer is not always better
  3. Mattress core – Which material are good mattresses made of?
  4. Individual comfort requirements
  5. Conclusion

What distinguishes good mattresses?

sleep triangleGood mattresses are characterized by the fact that they meet the three most important criteria for good sleep:

  • Breathability
  • Body support
  • Pressure relief

These three factors contribute decisively to your sleep quality. The balance of body support and pressure relief benefits a comfortable lying position so that you can wake up relaxed and fit the next morning. If you are lying on a mattress, you can carry out a small test to find out whether the mattress adapts to your body. In the supine position, the mattress should support the natural S-shape of your back. Your thighs and upper body should also form a horizontal line. When you turn on your side, your shoulders and hips should sink in slightly so that your spine is in a straight line.

The breathability of the mattress is important to ensure a balanced sleeping climate. After all, nobody likes waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat, do they? Moisture should therefore be easily transported away from the body. Good air circulation also contributes to peaceful nights. You should pay attention to these criteria when buying a mattress!

Firmness of the mattress – firmer is not always better

Choosing the firmness of the mattress is a very individual decision. Good mattresses are not automatically characterized by a firm lying surface, as was often assumed in the past. Today we know that every person perceives lying comfort differently.

The following aspects will help you to find the degree of firmness that is right for you:

  • Body weight

The less you weigh, the softer your mattress should be and vice versa. This is because the mattress should provide more support at higher weights, in order to optimally relieve your back.

  • Sleeping position

Your sleeping position also tells you which degree of firmness suits you best. If you are more of a belly or back sleeper, you can choose a firmer mattress. If you sleep on your stomach, for example, your pelvis needs special support and should not sink in too much. However, if you sleep on your side, a softer mattress is also suitable for you. This allows the shoulder to sink into the mattress when lying on your side, providing a comfortable lying position that relieves the spine.

Good mattress

Mattress core – Which material are good mattresses made of?

With Swissflex you can choose between cold foam, natural latex, spring core and hybrid mattresses. The special Gomtex® Gel technology, for example, offers particularly relaxing lying comfort. Mattresses with a pocket spring core have a distinctive point elasticity, which means you can enjoy restful pressure relief. Hybrid mattress cores combine the positive aspects of pocket spring core and foam technology – ideal for those who cannot make up their mind. 😉

As you can see, every material has its advantages and cannot be called right or wrong across the board. Your requirements determine which mattress core is suitable for you and what you feel most comfortable with. In the product comparison you can see the differences between the mattresses at a glance.

Individual comfort requirements

Mattresses are only good if they meet your comfort needs and help you relax from head to toe. To find good mattresses, you should start by thinking about what your sleeping habits are like. The first question is whether you have a mattress all to yourself or whether you share bed and mattress. If your partner has different needs or sleeping habits, it is worth thinking about two separate mattresses. To avoid the visitor’s gap, a mattress cover or topper can be used to create a continuous lying surface.

You should also consider whether you would rather be gently bedded or whether you prefer a firm lying surface. Your temperature perception plays a role in choosing a suitable mattress, too. Are you a frostbite or a stove? 😉 If you know what makes good sleep for you, choosing a good mattress is much easier.

mattress versa_excellence


Good mattresses relieve the body and support it selectively, so that you experience a dreamlike relaxation. Body weight and preferred sleeping position help you to find the right degree of firmness. Which mattress core is suitable for you depends mostly on which aspects are important to you in terms of comfort.

If you have already thought about the core material and degree of firmness, you are a lot closer to your new mattress. A tip from us: It’s best to test mattresses in the morning when you’re awake and full of energy. In the evening or afternoon, when you long for peace and relaxation, every mattress will feel comfortable. 😉 Extensive advice from trained specialists at a local retailer can help you find the right mattress for you.