All those who like to decorate, do handicrafts and try out creative recipes will get bright eyes in October – Halloween is just around the corner! This festival for creepy-crawlies is not only a reason for children to (pre)enjoy themselves, but can – with the right preparation – become a spectacle for the whole family. To get into the right mood, decoration is a must, and a variety of Halloween inspired dishes will provide the perfect treat for the plate. We present you with ideas for your Halloween decoration that will give you – and your neighbours – a (pleasantly) creepy feeling!

  1. Halloween decoration for outdoor areas
  2. Halloween decoration for your home
  3. Deliciously spooky – culinary Halloween decoration

Halloween decoration for outdoor areas

Normally, it is said that inner values count. But this is not true for Halloween – at least not when it comes to the decoration. If you want to attract the eyes of Halloween fans wandering through the streets and impress friends or relatives, you can get inspiration for your creepy Halloween decoration here.

The classic Halloween decoration is – you might have guessed – the pumpkin. If the usual version with cut-out eyes and a zigzag-shaped mouth is too boring for you, you can live out your creativity to the full here with zombies, vampire and demon faces or even whole horror scenes engraved into the pumpkin.

halloween decoration, Create your scary Halloween decoration

Skeletons, zombies and other monsters that climb up the wall of a house are real eye-catchers! Even well placed, small objects can have a shocking effect on guests. For example, a chopped-off zombie hand that sticks out of the ground next to the garden gate and grabs the visitors. Matching this: a styrofoam tombstone, which you paint with waterproof paint. Particularly enthusiastic creative people make a few skulls, which are placed around the gravestone, for example. If you hang or place cobwebs and figures such as big, hairy spiders, creepily decorated mini-zombies and other horror figures in a somewhat hidden position, these can also create moments of horror! Our tip: If you have a large garden, you can organise a Halloween scavenger hunt for the kids. With a few hints, you guide the kids through the garden, where some (not too) scary ghosts, vampires and witches are hidden.

Halloween decoration with light, sound or movement effects ensure a special spooky effect and maximum attention! These include, for example, zombies with LED eyes or eerily laughing witches.

Halloween decoration for your home

A ghost suspended in the entrance area, which suddenly moves when the door is opened, puts the frightened visitor in the right mood for what is yet to come.

Halloween decorations can also be wonderfully accommodated in the bedroom. How about a rubber spider or skeleton hand sticking out from under the bed for a little scare? For tinkerers, decorations made of cardboard or paperboard can be hung in the bedroom in the form of ghosts, skeletons, skulls and bats, for example, or attached to the wall or headboard of the bed. Halloween decorations with lighting elements look very good on the bedside table – Halloween-style lamps are particularly attractive here.

A coffin, whether in mini format or even larger, naturally fits very well into a Halloween themed bedroom. You can create the proper Halloween feeling with eerie decorations and decorative elements such as painted on, running “R.I.P.” letters on the lid or a figure – for example a skeleton, a mummy or a creepy doll – that rises up at the edge.

halloween decoration, Create your scary Halloween decoration

Deliciously spooky – culinary Halloween decoration

Halloween parties clearly include food. There are countless ways to let your creativity run wild and integrate culinary delights into the Halloween decoration.

For example, you can conjure up some tasty treats with sausages. Small sausages become mummies if you coat them with dough, leaving a small area for the face where you attach the eyes. A bun or noodle salad from which five sausages protrude, which become chopped-off fingers by incised “skin folds” and almond tips as nails, will make guests shiver. Alternatively, leave out the almond tips and simply cut away the sausage skin in the form of a fingernail. You can also create such zombie fingers from dough – almonds are again used as fingernails here.

halloween decoration, Create your scary Halloween decoration

We also have some ideas for the sweet tooth. With muffins you can conjure up many scary creations, for example simply decorated with painted spiders, cobwebs, skulls, blood spatter or pumpkin faces. For particularly creative baking and decoration lovers there are many other possibilities such as muffins with brain topping, bat biscuits or monster eyes. Biscuits with different decorations like skeletons, ghosts or creepy eyeballs can be used wonderfully as additional (edible) Halloween decoration at home. For example, marshmallows with self-designed zombie faces are a good addition.

halloween decoration, Create your scary Halloween decoration

As you can see, there are many ways to transform your home into an impressive scary place with creepy Halloween decorations. We wish you lots of fun with your Halloween preparations! 😊