Gesund schlafen

Healthy sleep – many people dream of it, but not everyone manages to achieve it. Not being able to fall asleep, uncomfortable lying positions, disruptions during the night… healthy sleep often faces some challenges. What exactly makes sleep good? And how do you create the best conditions for healthy sleep? We’ll tell you!

What is healthy sleep?

Healthy sleep often becomes visible during the following day. Because those who have slept well feel rested and fit in the morning. Healthy sleep also means waking up without tension in the neck or back. And even the soul benefits from healthy sleep, because a restful night usually improves your mood. People who sleep badly, on the other hand, are often more easily irritated, cannot concentrate for a long time and might even suffer from physical complaints such as headaches or back pain.

The bedroom is the key to healthy sleep

You want to create the best conditions for healthier sleep? Then start with your bedroom! External factors have a major impact on our sleep quality. These include sufficient darkness and a comfortable room temperature. The optimum temperature for peaceful sleep is 15°C to 18°C. You should be able to darken the windows with blinds or curtains, because darkness promotes the production of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for our tiredness.

Bedroom for healthy sleep

When designing the bedroom, it is also important to create a relaxing atmosphere. Soft, pale colours for the walls and furniture help to create a calm atmosphere. The more comfortable you feel in your bedroom, the easier it is to switch off and fall asleep in the evening.

Mattress and slat base are the most important elements

Mattress and slat base for healthy sleep

If you want to sleep healthy, you need more than just a comfortable bedroom. The focus lies on the bed, or more precisely on the two most important components of the bed: slat base and mattress. Together they form the basis for healthy sleep. A comfortable sleeping position is made possible by supporting and pressure-relieving lying comfort. This gives tension or back pain almost no chance. In order to provide a high level of sleeping comfort, the slat base and mattress should suit you individually. It is therefore highly recommended that you ask for advice before the purchase. An expert can tell you which mattress core and which degree of firmness is suitable for you. You can also try them out on site – and choose the mattress that seems most comfortable to you. Our tip: Neck support pillows complete the lying comfort of the bed and prevent tension in the neck and shoulder areas!

Living healthier means sleeping healthy

Our general well-being has a strong effect on our sleep. People who live healthy often sleep healthier. What should you pay particular attention to? A balanced nutrition and sufficient physical activity are good for body and soul. Two to three hours before going to bed, you should avoid fatty meals because they are quite heavy on the stomach and the digestion leads to a restless night. Caffeine and alcohol also disturb a good night’s rest and should therefore not be consumed late in the evening.

A relaxed, stress-free daily routine also helps to ensure healthy sleep. Of course, work and your leisure can sometimes be stressful. But try not to let stress become a habit. Relaxing rituals in the evening are a very good way to relieve stress. Turn off your mobile phone and take a soothing bath, read for an hour before going to bed or do yoga exercises to relax.

Yoga für gesunden Schlaf

Find a healthy sleeping pattern

An even sleeping pattern also contributes to healthy sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and set the alarm clock for the same time every day as well. Even on weekends, the deviations should not be too great. After all, falling asleep is easier when the body can get used to a fixed rhythm. It is also advisable to listen to your inner clock. If you notice that you are tired, you shouldn’t stay awake too long – you can watch the next episode of your favourite series the next day. 😉