Wandern mit der Familie

Switzerland is made for hiking, with its many mountains, forests, beautiful landscapes and numerous places to discover along the way. A hiking trip or holiday with the family is also the perfect opportunity to take a deep breath. With thousands of kilometres of hiking trails and a wide variety of routes, every hiker surely will find what he is looking for. A special advantage: After a day with lots of exercise in the fresh air, it is very easy to fall asleep! We have collected a few tips for hiking with the family in Switzerland.

  1. Hiking with children – how to approach a hiking trip
  2. Equipment for the hike
  3. Pack provisions for hiking – delicious and energetic
  4. Choose hiking routes for the whole family

Hiking with children – how to approach a hiking trip

Going on a hike with children is an experience for everyone. However, you should be well prepared, because hiking with the little ones is a little different from hiking with a group of adults.


Approach the first hike slowly. Going for walks, that gradually become longer, is a good preparation. We also recommend routes that can be shortened spontaneously, if the physical condition or motivation to continue hiking is no longer sufficient. Choose the destinations together, so that all family members get something out of the trip. You will see that with time longer and longer routes are possible. Varied trails and nice stops for swimming or playing games provide a lot of fun along the way!

Equipment for the hike

First of all, the right equipment is important. Children need hiking boots and suitable clothing as well. Hiking boots should be broken in by parents and children alike before the start of your hiking tour. Otherwise you might get sore feet!

Make sure that you are equipped for different weather conditions. The weather can change quickly, especially on a mountain tour. It is therefore advisable to bring a jacket that protects you against wind and rain. For the little ones, it is also a good idea to bring a change of clothes – thanks to the smaller size they don’t even take up much space in the backpack. 😉

If you are planning a stopover at a bathing lake, swimwear and towels should not be missing. And don’t forget your sunscreen! You will need it when bathing, but usually also when hiking in the mountains.

Pack provisions for hiking – delicious and energetic

Hikes can only be enjoyed with the right provisions, right? 😉 Drinking a lot is particularly important when hiking. So, remember to take enough water with you. Before the hike, find out whether you can refill your water bottles on the way.


A few healthy, delicious snacks should be included in the bag pack as well. Muesli bars, sandwiches and fruit satisfy the small hunger in between. It is best to take the fruit as a whole and cut it into pieces with a pocketknife on the spot. A piece of Swiss chocolate is also a good refreshment but melts away quickly in summer.😉

It’s best to mark the appropriate places for your breaks on your map. The best place to take a break is by the water or with a great view. But you can also take small breaks in between the planned stops – after all, the hike should be pleasant for everyone. After some rest and a snack, you can start the next stage full of energy!

Choose hiking routes for the whole family

The choice of routes is also crucial when hiking with the family. In Switzerland there are various tours to choose from, which are easy to master and offer a lot of exciting things for little adventurers. You should choose the duration and degree of difficulty of the hikes depending on the stamina and age of the children. Especially if an ascent and descent are integrated into the tour, you should find out whether the route is suitable for your family.

Wandern in der Schweiz

In order to keep it interesting for the little hikers, adventure trails are very suitable, because there is a lot to explore and learn. Animals, plants, interesting facts about history and nature… it will certainly not be boring. The Savognin Alpine Flora Experience Trail, for example, which leads from Somtgant to Tigignas, takes you into the world of flowers, herbs and medicinal plants of the Alps. The hike takes about an hour and a half – although the duration can vary as you explore the flora. 😉 The “MounTeens Detective Trail” at the Pizol is even more exciting. This circular hike is accompanied by a detective hiking book, which contains a chapter with riddles and tasks for each of the 10 posts.

A real adventure awaits on the barefoot path from Jakobsbad to Gontenbad. On this adventure trail you can experience different types of terrain, from meadows to streams to moorland! If the entire trail is too long for you, you can also use the Appenzell cable cars which run along the barefoot trail.

Mountains, forests or meadows – which hiking trails do you like best? We wish you lots of fun hiking, whether on your favourite routes or on new ones. 😊