Furnishing your Home Office

Are you working from home, like many others these days? The home office does have some nice aspects. For example, you can go to your desk straight from your bed – nobody will see your pyjama bottoms in a video meeting.😉 However, it can be difficult sometimes to be productive in your home office. With some helpful furnishing tips, you can balance well-being and productivity.

  1. Finding the right (work) place
  2. Wall design for your home office
  3. Home office furniture: The desk
  4. Home office furniture: The desk chair
  5. Desk lamp, organizer and more

Finding the right (work) place

Not every flat or house has their own study. So where should you integrate your home office without an extra room? Our advice: Do not put your desk in your bedroom! It is difficult to separate work and relaxation, while seeing piles of work from your bed. Remember the idiom «Out of sight, out of mind»? It is a lot easier to relax, if your desk does not remind you of meetings and deadlines constantly.

Workplace at home

Those who have an extra room, which is normally used as a workout or guest room, can turn it into a home office without much effort. In case you lack an extra room, you can always make some space in your living room. It is best to choose a bright spot for your desk with lots of natural light. This will enhance your productivity! A tip for better separation between workspace and home: Get a room divider to physically separate your desk from the rest of the room, so you can work efficiently but also enjoy your leisure time in your living room. You could also use a tall plant or some open shelves to «hide» your workplace nicely!

Wall design for your home office

Wall colours influence our mood – and can support us while working! Soft colours create a quiet atmosphere and improve our concentration. Pastel colours, like yellow or beige, are perfect for your home office. Soft blue shades have a reassuring effect and leave enough room for creativity. Bold colours, on the other hand, could lead to distraction and should therefore be used sparsely in your home office.

Home Office Wall Design

Your wall design should give you a good feeling. What does your workspace at the office look like? Do you have a calendar on the wall with all the important dates? Or do you decorate the wall in your office with pictures of your loved ones? Do the same in your home office! Wall calendar, pin board or pictures help to create a familiar surrounding for your workplace at home. This way you can even pursue an efficient working routine in sweatpants. 😉

Home office furniture: The deskHome Office Desk

If you have a study at home, there are many design options to choose from. Make sure that the desk meets your requirements. If you are only working with a laptop, a narrow desk might do. In case you are working with a desktop computer or have lots of papers and folders, you will need a bigger desk! A desk with a base cabinet might be the right fit for you, when working with lots of documents. This way you can have a tidy desk with everything in reach.
Your home office is moving into your living room or dining area? There are some smart solutions for that, too! First, you should measure everything precisely. Otherwise you will be annoyed in case your desk does not fit into the planned corner! Narrow desks are very suitable to integrate into your furnishing. Corner desks are a great choice as well, as they come with lots of storage capacity. The colours and materials should match the rest of the furniture to create a harmonious picture. After all, you should always feel at home!

Home office furniture: The desk chair

The most demanding piece of furniture for your home office is without a doubt the chair! Your desk chair is essential to a comfortable sitting position – and to keeping a healthy posture. Sitting for too long can have a negative impact on your body posture and can even cause back problems. Anyone sitting at the desk all day, should choose an ergonomic desk chair or think about a gymnastic ball as an alternative. For your home office in your living area you are probably looking for an appealing model, that does not look like typical office furniture. Nowadays you can find lots of comfortable chairs that look pretty at the same time. While working from home, do not forget to get up and move your body from time to time. This will prevent tenseness and can even help overcome a mental block. 😉

Desk lamp, organizer and more

Desk OrganizerIf you have all the basic elements for your home office, it is time for the finishing touches. A desk lamp is useful and looks nice on your desk as well. Lamps with a swivelling arm are especially practical, as you can control the incidence of light individually. Most of the lamps are quite slim so they are a very subtle detail in your workspace design.
Desk organizers help you to stay on top of things: Pens, paper clips, notepads and other little supplies find their homes here. Everything is close at hand and you can tidy up your desk without much effort. You can buy desk organizers or just make them yourself. Empty jars in different sizes are great containers for your study supplies. You can decorate them with ribbons or washi tape, or you can spray paint them in your favourite colour. This way you create a colourful eyecatcher!
Last but not least: A little bit of green! With a small plant or fresh flowers your mood will brighten up without further ado. In addition, plants are a great contribution to your room climate. So, do not hesitate to bring some nature into your home office.

Have fun furnishing and working in your home office!