low-maintenance houseplants

What does the perfect home look like for you? Surely, a few pretty houseplants are indispensable to feel really comfortable in your own four walls. This is hardly surprising, after all, almost all of us have the need to feel connected to nature. However, fresh greenery is not only good for the soul, but also gives any room a welcoming atmosphere. But what to do if the plants are out of shape after just a few days and starts to wilt? To make sure that does not happen to you, we will introduce you to a few low-maintenance houseplants that are permanently at their best. So, even without a green thumb you can enjoy plants around you all the time.

  1. Low-maintenance houseplants – These are the advantages
  2. Zamia – Super for beginners
  3. Lemon tree – The all-rounder
  4. Dragon tree – The classic
  5. Window leaf – The tropical beauty
  6. Busy Lizzy – The flowering miracle

Low-maintenance houseplants – These are the advantages

Die Vorteile pflegeleichter ZimmerpflanzenYou do not have a green thumb, but recently discovered your love for plants? Or are you already good with greenery but still prefer low-maintenance plants? Then low-maintenance houseplants are a real alternative to demanding plants. After all, nothing is more frustrating than being constantly confronted with wilted leaves and dry twigs in your living space. This is where beginner-friendly plants score points, as they always look as good as new, despite minimal care, and thus permanently embellish every living space with their green splendor. Even if you have relied on plastic flowers up to now, you should take the step to real greenery for several reasons: real plants exude a liveliness and freshness that cannot be imitated with artificial flowers. As natural air filters, they improve your indoor climate and can thus improve the sleep quality as well. Here are our five favorites among low-maintenance houseplants that you too can use to transform your home into a green oasis of well-being.

Zamia – Super for beginners

If you have never had to deal with real greenery in your living spaces, you can get into home gardening especially easily with a zamia. Even other low-maintenance houseplants seem almost demanding by comparison. Because the frugal zamia brings an exotic flair to your home and requires only one thing in return: a bright place without direct sunlight and a little water now and then. The leafy ornamental plant is hard to keep down and will even forgive the odd care blunder. A dream for all plant beginners!

Lemon tree – The all-rounder

Zitronenbaum - das Multitalent

You dream of bringing a touch of Mediterranean flair to your home, but want to save yourself the time-consuming care of a demanding olive tree? Then rescue is at hand in the form of a lemon tree, which is one of the true all-rounders among the low-maintenance houseplants. The little tree is content with a sunny location and also thrives magnific

ently indoors. In addition, it scores with a wonderful lemon scent, so you can do without an artificial room freshener. This versatile little tree has also made a name for itself as a mosquito repellent, which is especially handy for long summer nights on the balcony. As if that were not enough, the jack-of-all-trades also delivers delicious citrus fruits. Watering is only necessary once a week in spring and summer, at most twice a week in very hot periods. In the winter months, on the other hand, it is enough to water the little tree once a month.

Dragon tree – The classic

When people talk about low-maintenance houseplants, sooner or later they come to talk about the dragon tree. This classic has won a place in the hearts of many plant lovers with its palm-like growth. Since the tree does not mind shady locations either, it can stand just as well in darker spaces. Even if you often forget to water it, this plant will not take offense. You just need a little space because the dragon tree is one of the larger houseplants.

Window leaf – The tropical beauty

Fensterblatt - die tropische SchönheitJungle feeling in your own four walls? This becomes dream comes true with a window leaf. As the name suggests, the plant forms great leaves which make for a great eyecatcher at home. Modest in its care requirements, the tropical beauty feels at home even if your green thumb still needs a little training. If you decide to grow this leafy wonder, however, you should keep in mind that the fully grown leaves can grow up to one meter long, and plan for space accordingly. Since the window leaf is not picky about its location either, it has rightfully secured its place in our top five easy-care houseplants.

Busy Lizzy – The flowering miracle

Whoever was responsible for naming this pretty flowering plant must have had their reasons: After all, this plant produces new flowers all year round, making it highly popular, especially among flower lovers. And best of all, it thrives without demanding much in return. Occasional watering is all the blooming wonder needs. If you are a fan of low-maintenance houseplants that also add a touch of color to your home, the busy lily is made for you. Whether pink, orange or purple, the variety of flower colors leaves nothing to be desired.
Maybe one of these low-maintance houseplants will soon enjoy a place in your home? 😊


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