, Preventing back pain with the right mattress

Just after waking up in the morning you already feel a pain in your back? That is not a good sign! Sitting for a long time, uneven load or even stress can lead to back pain. But in fact, the right mattress can prevent back pain and ensure healthier sleep. This is not only good for the back but for the whole body. We explain how exactly mattresses and physical well-being are related.

What causes back pain?

Preventing back painBack pain can have very different causes. For example, a lack of physical activity or an unhealthy posture due to sitting at the computer for long periods of time can lead to back problems. Stress, hard physical work or overweight can also cause back pain. A visit to the doctor quickly provides a clear picture of what helps to relieve the tension in the back and prevents back pain in the future.

Anyone who feels physically fit but wakes up with tension after a good night’s sleep should take a closer look at the mattress and the slat base. Both components are jointly responsible for lying comfortably. However, if pain occurs instead of relaxation, something is wrong. Old, worn out mattresses, for example, often cause discomfort in the morning because they no longer provide the necessary support and the body adopts an uncomfortable position while sleeping. The same applies to the slat base, which loses its supporting capacity over the years.

How does the mattress prevent back pain?

The mattress is crucial to ensure that the back can adopt a comfortable and relieving position. To wake up relaxed and fit, the spine should be as straight as possible. This makes it easier for the body to carry out regenerative processes during the night. This includes, for example, filling the intervertebral discs with liquids – an important process for pain-free, unrestricted movement. A comfortable mattress that supports a restful sleeping position is ideal for preventing back pain. Relaxation throughout the night is essential for healthy sleep. After all, it is not only the duration of the night’s rest that contributes to the well-being in the morning, but above all the quality of sleep!

How do you find a proper mattress against back pain?

A mattress that provides healthy sleep should have various characteristics. Which material the mattress core is made of or what the degree of firmness should be is always individually determined by the person who uses the mattress.

Comfort zones

When looking for a new mattress, you may have noticed that in connection with the mattress core there is often a mention of comfort or lying zones. This is the separation of the mattress core in 7 zones. The zones have different strengths, meaning that the corresponding body areas are optimally supported and relieved. Shoulders and hips, for example, should be able to sink gently into the mattress, while reliable support is required in the area of the back. With the help of 7 symmetrically designed comfort zones, the mattress can be perfectly adapted to the body so that no tension or pain occurs in the back.

Hardness level

Slat base and mattress against back painWith Swissflex, most mattresses are available in soft or firm hardness levels, with some models also available in medium hardness. Which level of hardness is suitable for a mattress against back pain depends on the personal feeling. Some people like a heavenly soft feeling, others prefer a firmer surface. The body weight can be used an orientation for the right level of hardness. The higher the body weight, the firmer the mattress should be in order to provide sufficient body support. If you are unsure, you can get advice from a local specialised retailer.

Body adaptation

Every person is unique – just like their sleep. To sleep well, you need a mattress that flexibly adapts to your body. Whether pocket innerspring or foam core, it is important that the mattress has a sensitive body adaptation. This means that the mattress adjusts itself to the shape of the body and thereby supports the body individually in various lying positions. Nobody stays in just one position during the night, so flexibility is an important factor for a restful sleep and physical well-being.

Slat bases and mattress – working together against back pain?

The mattress helps the body to adopt a restful position during sleep. Without a slat base, this would be an impossible task! This is because the slat base is the support for the mattress and the body. Therefore, always make sure that the mattress and the slat base are adjusted to each other. As in the case of the mattress, flexible body adaptation is also very important for the slat base. For side sleepers, it is also worth paying attention to a shoulder comfort zone. When lying on your side, a restful position for the spine can be achieved and back pain can be prevented.