modern spring decorations

Spring is coming soon, so it is definitely time for new spring decorations in your home! When nature shows its colourful splendour outside the window, we want to make sure that spring awakens in style at home, too. Fresh colours, fragrant flowers and lots of good humour are moving in. We have collected our favourite ideas for modern spring decorations – get inspired!

Fresh flowers – A must-have spring decoration

Frühlingsdeko mit BlumenIf there is one thing that should not be missing in the spring decoration, then it is fresh flowers! Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops… Spring flowers are wonderfully diverse and create a wonderful sea of colours at home. Fresh flowers look especially beautiful as an arrangement of different flowers, leaves and branches. Get creative and arrange your own spring bouquets. By choosing different types or colours of flowers from time to time, you can add variety to your spring decorations.

To set the scene for your bouquets, you need matching vases. The vase alone can be an absolute eye-catcher in your decoration. Unusual shapes or coloured glass, for example, are excellent highlights. It also looks especially beautiful when you combine several vases with each other.

Spring decoration with cheerful colours

New colours in your home have a great effect! With a new wall colour you can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Every year new trend colours are available, which help you create even more cosiness in your bedroom, living room and other rooms. Matching the spring, we also love colours inspired by nature: Pink, green, yellow or red are typical spring colors. For a harmonious atmosphere that fits modern furnishings, however, you should prefer to choose a pastel shade for the walls. This way, a fresh breeze is brought to you without becoming too colourful. Another advantage is that you don’t usually get tired of the decent pastel shades quickly. This means you won’t need to repaint after a few weeks. 😉

Wickerwork and bright accents

Spring decorations do not necessarily have to consist of seasonal flowers or Easter figures. For furniture and decoration, wickerwork is currently back in fashion. Woven baskets are practical helpers and look beautiful as well. In the living room you can store additional sofa cushions and a blanket for cosy movie nights in a large basket. In the bedroom, a wicker basket is a good place to collect your laundry. As part of the spring decorations you can use smaller baskets to hold a flower vase or flower pot, for example.

We like to combine the Scandinavian charm of wickerwork with shiny home accessories that create a modern look. Golden trays, candlesticks and so on sparkle particularly beautifully in the spring sun and quickly become the highlight of your decoration. But remember: Doing more with less. Only use two or three home accessories in gold, silver or copper. Otherwise the room can quickly appear overloaded.

Deko Frühling Körbe Deko Frühling Esszimmer

Modern spring decoration in the kitchen

Rustic or minimalistic charm? In the kitchen both look stunning! Rustic living accessories go perfectly with wooden elements and industrial styles. Old pots and pans may be taken out of the cellar or the attic. Concrete flower pots complete the modern, industrial ambience.

Even in the minimalist style, the spring decoration remains discreet. White furniture and kitchen equipment dominate here. The clean look is livened up by refined details. Pretty postcards, prints or sayings are framed and hung on the wall as collages. The pastel colours of spring give the kitchen a splash of hapiness! With a few indoor plants and home textiles, the minimalist interior gains a touch of spring-like cosiness.

Easter is coming…

The spring decoration usually merges smoothly into the Easter decoration. If you want to use modern Easter decorations, natural colours and materials are the right choice. Catkin willow decorates our vases and is an alternative to the classic Easter bouquet. The Easter eggs also remain natural: white or brown eggs with small messages, faces or patterns are perfect as a quick but sophisticated DIY project.

Deko für Ostern und Frühling Osterdeko mit frischen Blumen


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