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Unfortunately, in daily life, there is often not enough time to relax between the stress of work appointments and private obligations. For your well-being, however, it is important to slow down and create small phases of relaxation. With our tips you can break the vicious circle and finally take a deep breath again!

  1. More relaxation in daily life – avoid stress
  2. Creating an individual oasis of well-being
  3. Take more time for yourself
  4. Integrate physical activities into the daily routine
  5. Find a pleasant relaxation ritual

More relaxation in daily life – avoid stress

To provide more relaxation in the stressful daily life, you should first of all try to find the reasons for the stress. Often, constant stress is responsible for the fact that we have trouble relaxing and recharging our energy reserves. Stressful moments can be difficult to avoid in modern, performance-oriented professional lives. On top of that, there are often high expectations and lots of appointments in the private life as well, which put additional pressure on us. When burdens and stress increase, relaxation often disappears from daily life. However, it has long been known that continuous stress has an extremely negative effect on your body and mind – creativity, performance, immune defences and, last but not least, your own quality of life are reduced. Go ahead and change that! Those who integrate more rest and relaxation into their daily lives will benefit from an increased sense of well-being in the long term and can reduce the burden of external stress factors noticeably.

Creating an individual oasis of well-being

When it comes to relaxation in daily life, the preferences differ from person to person: Everyone relaxes in their own way. If you want to get rid of stress quickly and effectively, you should create a private oasis of peace. This can be a comfortable bed with fluffy pillows and a warm blanket, a sunny spot in your home garden or a cosy corner in your living room. The main thing is that you feel completely safe and secure there and can let your soul wander.

Entspannung im Schlafzimmer

By furnishing your home, you’re already slowing things down. Soft colours combined with matching furniture create an atmosphere of well-being. Our tip: Documents from work, bills and co. have no place in the bedroom! The bedroom is only meant to be a place to relax and be unaffected by the stress factors of daily life – then it is easier to free your mind and sleep peacefully.

Take more time for yourself

Be sure to turn off your smartphone whenever you enter your personal relaxation area. Constant connectivity in professional life and accessibility on social media have already become standard. However, we should consciously ask ourselves whether the expectations of others might have a negative effect on our own well-being. In the daily family life, it is not always easy to find a little time to be alone and relax, either. How can you change that? Just make an appointment with yourself! Once a week you should take an hour or two to do something for yourself. Get a massage, do sports or go to the cinema – choose activities that give you a chance to relax.Entspannende Zeit für dich

For more relaxation in daily life it is important not to ignore your own needs. Furthermore, no one will judge you for taking some time for yourself every now and then. A little relaxation is good for all of us!

Integrate physical activities into the daily routine

Exercise has long been a proven method for more relaxation in daily life, because during sports you can wonderfully “switch off” your mind. In many cases regular exercise does not fail because of the lack of will power. Often, implementing exercise into daily routines is the bigger obstacle. If you constantly have to force yourself to drive to a gym that is far away, you run the risk of not being able to keep up this routine in the long run and ultimately quit frustrated.

It is better to find a sport that matches your interests and can be practiced without much effort. There are many ways to get more movement in your daily life. This could be an inspiring fitness video on YouTube, a relaxing yoga session shortly after waking up or a long walk in the fresh air in the nearby city park. If your time is limited, you can ride your bike to work or use your lunch break for some fitness exercises. The main thing is that you enjoy it!

Find a pleasant relaxation ritual

The relaxation in your daily life has been lost for years? Then it is time for a change! In order to efficiently prevent daily stress and create a cheerful mood, a personal well-being ritual can cause true miracles. Loved routines are equally good for body and soul and can be easily integrated into the daily routine, especially in the evening. This way, you can relax before going to bed and set the foundation for a restful night. Think about the things that really relax you, for example listening to an audio book, taking an extensive bath or cooking something delicious for yourself.Entspannung im Schaumbad

Write down your favourite tips and collect them folded in a small container. Every morning after getting up, you take a piece of paper and include the relaxing activity in your schedule for the day. After just one week, you will be looking forward to the daily draw of your well-being rituals full of anticipation.

Create relaxing moments for yourself to clear your mind and let your thoughts come to rest – then nothing stands in the way of relaxation in daily life!