morning workouts

For some people a morning workout sounds like a great idea, for others however it is the complete opposite. It is just too cosy in bed! However, exercising in the morning will give you some extra energy for the day. Morning workouts can have a positive impact on body and mind – that is why you should give it a try! Here are some tips on how to get your early workouts going more easily.

The benefits of morning workouts

You still feel tired after getting up? Workouts in the morning can boost your energy! Even a short exercise program can help to boost your circulation. Morning workouts will stimulate your blood circulation and get your metabolism going. You will start your day much more energized! The positive effects of your morning workout can even continue all day. Exercising is great to balance the hustle and bustle of daily life and helps to fight stress in the long run. People who exercise in the morning start the day with a good feeling, as sport and endorphins go hand in hand. Sounds good, right?

If you tick off sport from your to-do-list in the morning, you will have your evenings off. That means more time to play with your kids, to relax or to pursue another hobby – without worrying about your workouts falling by the wayside.

Integrate morning workouts into your morning routine

Your inner laziness resists workouts no matter what time it is? You are not alone! In order to motivate yourself for morning workouts, you should establish a routine. If you integrate your morning workouts into your daily routine, it will get easier after some time to just get up and work out without even thinking about it.

Frühsport zu Hause

Put out your sportswear in the evening, so you are ready for your morning workout without much effort. That leaves no time for you to lose your motivation! Make sure to schedule enough time for your workout and for getting ready afterwards. Your workouts won’t be fun if you stress yourself and keep a close eye on your watch the whole time. It is difficult to establish a routine that way.

Morning workouts at home

Morgensport zu HauseFor those who are grumpy in the morning it seems especially hard to get up and start a workout. Getting up early to go to the gym sounds like a nightmare to you? There is another way! You could integrate some exercises into your morning routine at home. After getting up you can stretch a bit to loosen up your muscles. Put your arms in the air like a marionette being pulled up on her strings. Then fold your hands behind your back and try to extend your arms as much as possible. Stretching helps to get rid of your tiredness!

Next step: Brushing your teeth. While you are doing that, you can do some squats or calf raises. Both exercises strengthen your calves and upper legs. Do these exercises for two to four minutes – your teeth will be clean and shiny after that. 😉

Now you can continue your morning workout at the breakfast table. Sit upright on your chair and fold your hands behind your head. Tilt your torso to the left side to 45 degrees at maximum and repeat 15 to 20 times. Then it is time for the right side. This exercise is good for your lateral abdominal muscles. On to the next exercise: Place your elbows on the kitchen table and clench your fists. Legs are about hip width apart. Now press your elbows firmly against the tabletop for about 15 seconds and repeat this exercise three times. This will strengthen your back.

Morning workouts outdoors

Frühsport draussenNot only sports stimulate body and mind, fresh air also contributes to a boost of energy. Therefore, outdoor morning workouts are a great opportunity to kick start your day and do something good for yourself. Going for a run or riding your bicycle are a perfect way to do so. Always look out for a new route to keep your morning workouts varied.

How long you want to run or cycle is up to you, it depends on your mood – or endurance. 😉 In case you get up a bit later just choose a shorter round. Another excellent idea: Ride your bike to work or walk the last bit. You only need to get up a little earlier, but still get your daily dose of exercise even before work starts!

Breakfast before or after a workout?

Should you have breakfast before or after a workout? An empty stomach isn’t advisable while doing morning workouts, because the body will use the protein reserves instead of the fat reserves. This is what we want to avoid! You should make sure to eat enough protein, vitamins and carbohydrates in the evening. A balanced dinner will boost your energy the next morning. Additionally, you can have a snack in the morning before starting your workout. A banana or some oatmeal can be a perfect basis for your training.

The proper breakfast must wait until after your morning exercise! Your training won’t be as efficient with a full stomach, as your body needs all energy to digest. A healthy breakfast filled with vitamins and proteins will increase the energy levels of your body. Quark and porridge with fruits and some nuts taste delicious and give you enough energy for a successful day!