Muttertag Geschenk-Ideen

Still waiting for a good idea for your Mother’s Day gift? Small gifts that come from the heart and convey a personal message are not so easy to find for sure. We support you with helpful tips to find a loving gift that does justice to the special relationship with your mum!

  1. Mother’s Day 2020 – A gift as a loving gesture
  2. Sleeping in at last – Pure luxury for every mother
  3. Wellness for the soul – A relaxing bath to unwind
  4. Handicrafts for mum – DIY decoration for Mother’s Day
  5. Favourite memories – Time travel from the heart

Mother’s Day 2020 – A gift as a loving gesture

Mutter und TochterOn May 10, 2020 it’s this time again: On Mother’s Day you can offer a carefully selected gift to the best mum ever and thank her from the bottom of your heart for all that she does for you day in, day out. A mother often is one of the most important people in our lives and supports us with a lot of determination and love to go our own way. Very important: It does not have to be just your own mum. Your partner or your grandma are also happy about an extra portion of love on this special day.

As on most occasions, the same rule applies to the Mother’s Day gift: the loving gesture counts much more than the material value. So, your gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. Sure, you cannot go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and mum’s favourite chocolates on Mother’s Day, but original sounds different. How about expressing your appreciation with a series of small gifts? For Mother’s Day, we have put together some gift ideas that can serve as inspiration for both you and the children.

Sleeping in at last – Pure luxury for every mother

To sleep in and not have to worry about anything, that is probably the dream of many mothers. Let it come true! Especially when the kids are still young, an extensive night’s rest can become a luxurious rarity. So, spoil your partner with a well-deserved time-out in your sleep oasis, while you keep the rattle gang at bay until she wakes up fresh and lively on her own. For Mother’s Day, you can give her a real treat with this gift and make it a wonderfully relaxed start into the day for her. Afterwards, of course, there will be a delicious gourmet breakfast in bed, with no culinary wishes left unfulfilled. As a sweet energy boost, for example, divine blueberry pancakes can be served, which are made quickly and taste good to the whole family.

Muttertags Geschenk Frühstück

Our tip: Take a walk with the kids or go out into the garden and pick some flowers – they make a great decoration on mum’s breakfast tray!

Wellness for the soul – A relaxing bath to unwind

Muttertags Geschenk SchaumbadEvery mother looks forward to a Mother’s Day gift that guarantees pure relaxation – what could be better than a hot bubble bath? It is easy to prepare while mum is in the realm of dreams. To create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and to provide a real wellness feeling, you can transform your home bath into a private spa with a few atmospheric candles, rose petals and warm towels. Add a fragrant bath oil and subtle background music and you have the perfect pampering program for Mother’s Day!

Our tip: What should not be missing from a soothing foam bath? A generous portion of fluffy foam of course! If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to the bubble bath, you will find a range of ready-made foam baths and bath additives in the drugstore, which are best added directly when you pour the water into the bathtub. This way you will get lots of foam!

Handicrafts for mum – DIY decoration for Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, a homemade gift warms the hearts of many mothers. No wonder, after all, a lot of time and love go into such a gift and the children usually have great fun making it. What do you think of pretty flowers that do not start to wilt after just a few days? As a lasting gift idea, decorative paper roses refine every Mother’s Day table and at the same time convey a beautiful message from the heart that lasts forever. Sounds good? With the following DIY instructions, you can make the most beautiful roses yourself!

You need these materials:

  • DIN A4 modelling paper in your desired colour
  • Scissors
  • Handicraft glue or hot glue gun
  • A pair of compasses
  • A pencil

And it is that simple:

  1. At first, cut out squares from the paper with your scissors. Instead of coloured modelling paper, newsprint or filter paper are a good alternative. The longer the sides of the square, the larger the finished roses will be.
  2. Now draw a circle with the pair of compasses and cut the edges off the square. By the way, this step does not depend on the perfect contour – the result looks even more natural with small “blemishes”.
  3. Next step is cutting a spiral. To do so, start on the outside and cut inwards until a kind of paper spiral has formed.
  4. Roll up the spiral very tightly. If you have trouble with it, you can use a brush or toothpick and wrap the paper around it.
  5. You create the typical fanned rose shape by pressing the paper roll together until slight creases appear and the paper pops open slightly. Apply some liquid glue at the bottom and the paper rose is ready!

Our tip: For Mother’s Day this loving gift idea can be used in many ways. Whether scattered loosely on the table, pinned to a flower arrangement or napkin with the help of a small pin or staged as a highlight in a vase, the charming rose blossoms are guaranteed to make your mummy smile!

Favourite memories – Time travel from the heart

Muttertag Erinnerungen

Create a little time travel for your mum or partner to reminisce with her. You need a photo album or leporello book and selected photos. If you want to give the album to your mother, simply select photos from your childhood, special celebrations and vacations. This way your mum can remember your first steps, your first day at school and other special events that you experienced together. If you would like to give your partner a Mother’s Day gift, it is best to choose photos of her and the children – starting with the pregnancy.

Our tip: For each photo, write down why this moment means so much to you and what you value particularly in your mother or partner. She will certainly look at this gift from the heart again and again with joy!