, New! Our Swissflex® BOX

We all love sleeping and spend about a third of our lives in bed. To make this time as comfortable as possible for you, we set ourselves the goal over 60 years ago to manufacture bed systems in Swiss premium quality. The high-quality Swissflex® BOX is completely new.

A “top-class sense of security”.

In our new claim we find the fascination for the luxury good sleep, with the striving for perfection. With pure friends of innovation, Swiss engineering and excellent craftsmanship, Swissflex inspires customers worldwide with a touch of luxury – “swiss made” of course.

Swissflex® BOX – Innovation in the box spring market

The well-known Swiss lying comfort is now also available in the look of a box spring bed. The secret is hidden inside: Swiss spring slat technology made of wood instead of metal spring cores. With the Swissflex® BOX we are launching a unique innovation on the market and achieving a completely new level of lying comfort. Here, elegant design meets the unbeatable and multiple award-winning bridge® technology, which adapts like a shadow to every moving position.

, New! Our Swissflex® BOX

The Swissflex® Box with its integrated slat base is an innovation on the market.

Carried on hands

Our new Swissflex Hybrid Collection combines the advantages of pocket spring core and foam technology to create a unique reclining experience and takes ergonomics and reclining comfort to a new level. At the same time, 7 zones ensure 100% body adaptation. Three top layers (toppers) that can be selected and replaced in different ways ensure the individual sleeping comfort that many customers want., New! Our Swissflex® BOX

The SF Hybrid Collection offers highest lying comfort.

Weightlessly entrusted to sleep

The further developed inlay variant of the uni 14 bridge® slat base captivates with its 11 cm inlay height and therefore fits into almost any bed. The slat base promises maximum comfort with up to 4 motors. The patented Swissflex bridge® slat base technology is ergonomically designed to fit the human spine and adapts fully automatically and individually to the body – regardless of stature, weight and sleeping position. Simply lie and enjoy!

, New! Our Swissflex® BOX

our new uni 15 bridge®

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