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The cold days full of snow and rain have lasted long enough, now spring is finally around the corner and with it comes the desire for spring cleaning and a breath of fresh air in our home decorations. Let change enter your bedroom by making it fit for the new season with wonderful spring decorations. Afterwards, you can enjoy a spring-like atmosphere and complete relaxation in your bedroom.

  1. Patterns and Prints – Now it’s getting wild
  2. Sustainable spring decorations – In tune with the times
  3. Floral spring decoration – Floral greetings for your bedroom
  4. Curtains in spring colors – Curtain up for freshness and lightness

Patterns and Prints – Now it’s getting wild

patternsWhen the gray winter is finally over, we no longer feel like heavy clothes in monotonous colors. Even the bedroom should no longer be monochrome in the spring. Instead, wild patterns and prints are now trending, both on their own or wildly combined to create a singular spring mood. Why don’t you try out a trendy spring decoration in zebra look, for example as a pillowcase or as an eye-catching picture frame on the bedside table? The black and white striped look is one of the big fashion trends of 2021 and lends itself just as well to a stylish makeover in the bedroom. If that is too wild for you, feel free to experiment with other patterns, such as classic polka dots or batik prints. Use bright colors and eye-catching patterns to sweep away the winter dreariness and prepare your bedroom for the new season. Then the spring fatigue will soon be history. 🙂

Sustainable spring decorations – In tune with the times

In our modern everyday life, we spend a lot of time in indoors. The Corona pandemic has additionally done its part to make more and more people long for nature, because many people are stuck at home for weeks on end. The good news is that this desire for more naturalness can also be implemented perfectly with the right spring decorations in your own four walls. With rattan stools or armchairs, you can bring nature from outside into your bedroom. When it comes to decorative items, you can also make a statement for more naturalness with sustainable materials such as seagrass. A basket made of seagrass, for example, is perfect for storing your pajamas, and the sustainable material can also be used as a trendy lampshade. Instead of an artificial synthetic look, it is best to use natural plant fibers like cotton for your pillows and blankets. This way, you will not only be at the cutting edge of sustainable living, but you will also enjoy the numerous benefits of natural fabrics, such as improved temperature regulation and, as a result, a healthier sleeping environment. Doing something good for the planet and your own sleep quality with sustainable spring decor? That is a win-win-situation!

sustainable spring decoration

Floral spring decoration – Floral greetings for your bedroom

The colorful blossoms of spring spread a good mood not only during a walk in the fresh air. With flowery spring decorations, you can easily bring a portion of sunshine into your bedroom. With flower-printed pillows and blankets, for example, you can add a touch of lightness to your bed and be right in line with the romantic trend of 2021. But a bouquet of tulips on your bedside table will also bring spring into your bedroom. If you like even more greenery, decorate the room with houseplants, which can find their place on the windowsill or even climb from the ceiling and are thus super space-saving – especially for small rooms a real advantage. Even if you do not have a green thumb, you can still enjoy some flowers: Dried flowers make wonderful spring decorations and have the advantage that you do not have to think about watering them.

Curtains in spring colors – Curtain up for freshness and lightness

spring curtainsWith spring colors, you can easily give your bedroom a new look and conjure up a fresh atmosphere. But you do not have to limit yourself to the bed linen or wall colors. Your curtains also deserve a little attention and will thank you for the makeover by bringing a wonderful feel-good atmosphere into your bedroom. Gauzy curtains made of tulle are particularly suitable for a modern spring decoration, because the airy material is an absolute trend in 2021. But which spring color is the right one for you? Romantic pastel shades are perfect for a spring-inspired interior.

Which of our spring decorating ideas will you use to give your bedroom a makeover in 2021? If you are in the mood for a spring cleaning then get to work right away and look forward to sleeping in a beautiful spring oasis.




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