bedroom in autumn, Our bedroom in autumn

Each season has its own special influence on our lives and the way we spend our days (and nights). While in summer we like to be outside until late in the evening due to long days warmed up by the sun, we are drawn back to the cosy warmth of the house as soon as the evenings become cooler again. Instead of a garden table and sun lounger, mattresses and slat bases become the theme again or the trendy box spring bed. Our bedroom in autumn simply looks different than it does in summer.

Why do I sleep so much?

The longer lasting darkness in autumn influences our sleep rhythm. The evening tiredness in the peace and quiet of our own walls is faster than in the circle of friends and neighbours on a warm summer evening. Enjoying this wonderful time of transition to the cold and darkness of winter also means paying more attention to our bedroom.

Our bedroom in autumn – what do you need and what not?

The bedroom and bathroom are probably the most intimate areas of our home and nowhere else do we spend as much time as there. In order to find our sleep quickly and enjoy it undisturbed, it is important to protect yourself from light and noise during sleep. Many people are not sufficiently aware that colours and furnishings in the bedroom also have a relevant influence on sleep quality. Those who manage to leave the noisy and hectic world of the day outside at night have a much better chance of getting a good and restful night’s sleep.

bedroom in autumn, Our bedroom in autumn

Make your bedroom especially cosy in autumn – with or without electronic devices

So do you allow radio, television or laptop access to your bedroom? Then you should consider carefully whether you are robust enough and whether your sleep will be disturbed. Here very individual aspects play a role and everyone has to find out for himself or herself which environment best suits his or her needs. Even colours can have a significant influence here and there are interior designers who even offer seminars to learn how to deal with them.

The rule “less is more” is certainly not wrong. If you want to turn your bedroom into an oasis of peace and sensuality, you should banish anything that disturbs or distracts. The trend towards textile beds in natural colours and larger beds in general continues. Today’s people increasingly see their bedroom as a place of retreat from which they can draw new energy and vitality.

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We wish you a cozy autumn time and much restful sleep 😉