Nap, siesta or powernap – there are many names for the short sleep outside the night’s rest. According to their reputation, naps are mostly popular with babys, toddlers and seniors, but an occasional nap may have a place in the life of each of us. In Spain, the nap has always been acceptable as a “siesta” and the Japanese also like to close their eyes on the train.

  1. The effects of a powernap
  2. Finding the right time for your powernap
  3. Bed, sofa, train or at your desk – where to sleep best
  4. Tips for your powernap

The effects of a powernap

Full concentration at work, high performance at sports or wild romping with the kids – everyday life keeps us on our toes. No wonder that in the afternoon, our energy level is down sometimes and we long for a break. A powernap is designed to recharge the empty batteries quickly and efficiently so that you can get going again for the rest of the day.

But false rest can have exactly the opposite effect and make us even more tired than before. So power napping needs to be learned! With a few simple rules and tips, you too will be able to have a restful nap and gather new strength for the rest of the day.

Finding the right time for your powernap

Powernap TippsDuration and timing are the most important factors to ensure that the powernap does not miss its target. A late afternoon nap can have a negative effect on your night’s rest. To avoid being wide awake at bedtime, you should take your powernap in the early afternoon.

Even more important is the duration of your nap: it should only last between 10 and 20 minutes. Even if this may not seem like much at first, you will manage to increase your energy and concentration as much as possible during this time. Anything over 30 minutes will wake you up with a kind of hangover feeling and you may not be full of energy for the rest of the day.

Why is that so? After 30 minutes your body goes into a deep sleep, from which you wake up more difficult. The sleep cycle that has begun is interrupted and you feel infinitely tired.

Bed, sofa, train or at your desk – where to sleep best

The place for your nap is not really important, as long as you can relax there. Surely each of us knows a person who feels he or she can sleep anywhere, right? These people are lucky enough to be able to take their powernap at will, whether they are in the park or at work. Are you one of those people who need total peace and quiet, or do your eyes fall shut even in the crowded train?

If, like most people, you need peace and quiet in order to come to rest, meditation and relaxing music can be a good help. When meditating, the following applies: Practice makes perfect. Regular meditation will help you to make your powernap even more relaxing.

Many employers have already gone so far as to provide their employees with relaxation areas where they can withdraw to close their eyes for a moment. In the home office you can of course take a nap in your comfortable bed. But do not forget to set the alarm! 😊

Energietanken für die Arbeit

Tips for your powernap

Often the fatigue after lunch comes completely by itself. The so-called midday low affects the concentration and damps the drive. Now, a powernap might be just right! With a few tips you can make the most of your rest:

  • Drinking coffee: Drinking a coffee just before the powernap can work wonders. The energizing effect of caffeine sets in after about 20 minutes, just at the right time when your alarm clock rings and your nap should end.
  • Creating the right atmosphere: Especially as a powernap beginner it is important to create a relaxed sleeping environment. Sleeping masks and earplugs can be helpful tools to block out noise and daylight.
  • Set the alarm clock: Experienced daytime sleepers often wake up by themselves after 20 minutes, but you should still set an alarm clock to avoid falling into a deep sleep phase. Be sure to get up after 20 minutes – even if you have had trouble falling asleep. Your body should get used to the 20-minute rhythm.
  • Practice makes perfect: The more often you incorporate a powernap into your everyday life, the faster your body will get used to it and switch into relaxation mode almost automatically as soon as you lie down and close your eyes.

If your energy resources are exhausted, a nap can be wonderfully beneficial. Even if you do not fall asleep, the break has a positive effect on body and soul. So take a break now and then, breathe deeply and recharge your batteries with a powernap!