reading light integrated in bedside table

Do you wish for a warm, atmospheric lighting in the evening hours as well as at night? A pretty light source is the perfect addition to your bedroom. Whether it is a floor lamp, table lamp or wall lamp: a reading lamp makes the hearts of bookworms beat faster and gives bright light wherever you need it. We tell you what criteria you should consider when buying a reading lamp and which design options are available to you regarding a decorative reading lamp.

Why a reading lamp is useful

Sure, the ceiling lighting in the bedroom is often so bright that you can easily read a book. Nevertheless, you should not do without a separate reading light! After all, the most important thing when browsing is to create a cozy atmosphere and to be able to focus the light beam for an optimal reading experience. Thanks to a reading lamp, you can illuminate the reading area and dive into your exciting world of books even when your partner is already asleep. It is also an indispensable helper when you get up at night and ensures that you don’t have to grope around in the dark to get to the door in one piece. Our insider tip: With an underfloor lighting system, you can easily find your way when you get up at night without waking up your sleeping partner.

elegant reading light

What makes the perfect reading lamp?

It goes without saying that a reading lamp should be easily accessible from bed, right? But not all light is the same: with a reading lamp, you should also make sure that it is not too bright and dazzles you while you are reading, so that your eyes do not strain unnecessarily during extended reading. Dimmable lights are ideal for the bedroom and their brightness can be individually adjusted to suit your needs. Your lamp should also be flexible enough to position the light cone perfectly and adjust it to your different sitting and lying positions in bed. After all, you want to make the most of the comfort in your oasis of well-being and really relax while reading! Innovative light sources can be conveniently switched on by touch control, i.e. by a simple touch. If the light switch is in a fixed position on the reading lamp, you will find it immediately. However, models where the power switch is located somewhere in the middle of the cable are less ideal, as you will have to search for it in the dark.

Which reading lamp suits me?

Hardly any other light source is used as frequently as the reading light at the bed. So it’s worth thinking about a few things in advance to find the perfect companion for your bedroom! As an essential part of the bedroom furniture, reading lamps are available in a wide variety of designs and come in a wide range of styles from understated to extravagant. Because even during the day, when it is not needed, your reading lamp should cut a good figure and delight you with its appearance.

Swissflex Boxspring bed grey

A classic bedside lamp is a proven solution in many households and hotel rooms. It is usually a handy floor or table lamp with a small lampshade, which can be made of modern glass or timeless classic fabric, depending on taste. Particularly practical are filigree models with a slim base, which do not take up much space on the bedside table and leave enough room for books and reading glasses. If you prefer a prestigious reading lamp that sets tasteful accents in the bedroom, such as the iconic patterned Tiffany lamps, your favorite may also be more expansive.

The flexible reading light from Swissflex is particularly well suited to provide you with a flexible reading experience. The slim luminaire with its elegant design looks great and provides targeted light for reading. Simply rotate and swivel the lamp so that the light cone is optimally directed at your bed reading. The economical LED reading light can be attached either to the glass bedside table or the headboard of your Swissflex bed. Alternatively, you can also opt for the version with a fabric-covered base – matching the cover of your bed. If that doesn’t provide all-round well-being, what does? 😊

flexible reading light

There is no place as comfortable as your favorite reading place in bed? Then a permanently mounted wall light can be a good alternative to table and clamp lights. These models do not take up much space in the bedroom and are ideally located close to the bed for an excellent reading experience. Spotlights that can be precisely aligned and provide atmospheric zone lighting are popular.
Have you already found the ideal reading light? Then we wish you wonderful relaxing hours with your favorite reading!