Muss man den Lattenrost einstellen?

Have you ever wondered if you have to adjust your slat base to enjoy the best lying comfort? We will clarify whether the adjustment of the slat base is necessary and what you should pay attention to when buying your slat base!

This is how the manual adjustment of a slat base works

When looking for a slat base, you may have noticed that some models are equipped with sliders. A distinction is made between O-sliders and T-sliders. The names are based on the appearance of the sliders. O-sliders are usually made of plastic and enclose two overlying slats. The T-sliders, which are also made of plastic, are located between two adjacent slats.

With both types, the firmness in the adjustable area of the slat base can be modified. The further the O-slides are located at the outer edge of the lying surface, the greater the pressure on the two connected slats. This way the slats lie closely together and create a firm lying sensation. If the O-sliders are closer together, pressure is reduced, so that the slats can move more flexibly, and a softer lying sensation is created.

With the T-sliders, it works the other way around: the further away from each other the sliders are located, the softer the slat base appears. This allows the adjacent slats to move more flexibly. The further you push the T-sliders together, the harder the lying sensation becomes.

Do I have to adjust my slat base manually?

Is it necessary to adjust the slat base by hand? Most people are rather uncertain about this question. Even more so when they are wondering how to adjust the slat base correctly in the first place. Should I move the slider outwards to the edge of the lying surface or to the middle? This uncertainty is one of the reasons why you should think twice before adjusting your slat base. After all, the slat base should help you enjoy pleasant sleep! To achieve this, it is important that the slat base reliably supports important body zones, such as the back, and provides optimum pressure relief for other areas, such as the shoulders. If the slats are adjusted incorrectly, the lying comfort can change negatively and lead to back pain or tension in the worst case. Therefore, it is better to ask an expert for advice or use a slat base which adapts to your body automatically.

slat base adjustment, Correctly adjusting the slat base?!

Slat bases with automatic adjustment

You want to enjoy individual comfort, but you don’t want to adjust your slat base manually? Then Swissflex is just right for you! Swissflex slat bases with the innovative bridge® technology automatically adapt to your body. The bridge® technology enables a flexible suspension comfort that does not require manual adjustment. How does it work? The slats are connected to each other like a chain. This results in a flexible body adaptation which supports a comfortable lying position from head to toe.

slat base adjustment, Correctly adjusting the slat base?!

Especially in the lateral position, it is important for an ergonomic posture that the shoulder can easily sink into the lying surface. This keeps the spine straight and prevents back pain. Therefore, the Swissflex slat bases with bridge® technology have a special shoulder zone, which is particularly elastic to provide comfortable pressure relief.

What to pay attention to when buying slat bases

Even the best mattress does not offer you the full comfort without a suitable slat base. So, remember that a slat base does not provide lifelong support like on the first day. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the slat base when buying a new bed or a new mattress. Is your slat base over ten years old? Do the slats sag in some places? Then it is time for a new model!

It is best to buy a mattress and a slat base together, so you can match both components perfectly. Expert advice is always a good idea as well to find a suitable slat base. Weight, physique and comfort requirements differ from person to person – and influence which slat base gives you the greatest feeling of well-being.

Swissflex verstellbarer Lattenrost

A manual adjustment of the degree of firmness is not one of the most important criteria for your slat base. A high degree of adaptability is more important, because this allows you to enjoy individual comfort – without having to adjust individual sliders yourself! Pay attention to the quality of the slats and the entire construction, so that you can enjoy your sleeping comfort for a long time. If you dream of even more relaxation, it’s worth buying a slat base with adjustable head and foot sections. There is hardly anything more relaxing than putting your feet up in bed after a long day or watching a film while enjoying the comfort of your bed. 😊 Browse through the Swissflex product range and treat yourself to top-class sleeping comfort!