sleep better with bridge slat bases

You cannot see it, but it is – in the truest sense of the word – a very important basis for good sleep: the slat base. You can simply sleep better if you have a stable and high-quality slat base as the basis for your own bed. The ergonomic design of our slat bases with bridge® technology is inspired by the shape of the human spine and therefore offers an excellent fit to your body. For an individual adaptation to your needs, our bridge® slat bases are available in different models and with different adjustabilities. We have summarised all important information for you here.

  1. What is the bridge®-technology?
  2. Choosing the fitting bridge® slat base
  3. Sleeping better with a matching mattress

What is the bridge®-technology?

Years of research and optimisation have enabled Swissflex to develop an innovative, first class slat base, equipped with the unique bridge® technology. Lined-up spring modules give the slat base a very high degree of flexibility, allowing it to adapt ideally to any body shape. Regardless of the sleeping position and weight, it supports the body and at the same time provides pressure relief – wherever it is needed. The slat base can be mounted as an installation set or inserted into any bed frame with standard measurements. Alternatively, it is also available with a foot frame, which allows flexible placement. Whichever version you choose: The bridge® slat base allows you to sleep better and more comfortably – for a restful night.

bridge technology

Choosing the fitting bridge® slat base

In order to meet different needs, Swissflex slat bases with our innovative bridge® technology are available in various models.

The uni 12 bridge® slat base is the comfortable entry-level model. It is designed in the classic inlay frame style, but with the bridge® technology in the shoulder area, it offers an extra degree of cosiness so that you can sleep even better. This slat base is available with various adjustment options – including electronic adjustment of the back and foot section. You can choose it either as a standalone unit with feet or in the version for installation or insertion into a bed frame.

The uni 14 bridge® model has an inwardly offset frame, which means that the bridge® modules run along the spring slat ends on the outside and provide a high level of elasticity over the entire lying surface. In the double bed combination, the uni 14 bridge® does not need any disturbing centre bar. This means that you can also experience heavenly sleeping comfort for two. This slat base is also available with different adjustment options, both manual and electric, and with feet or as a built-in or inlay version.

The uni 15 bridge® slat base with its insertion height of 11 cm fits into almost every bed. The first-class beechwood quality ensures constant stability. As with the other bridge® models, the spring slats are enclosed by a sleeve of individual modules. The module body has a steel spring on the inside, which registers pressure precisely and reacts accordingly to provide a comfortable lying sensation at all times.

The top model of the bridge® slat bases, uni 22 bridge®, with its high-tech equipment provides the ultimate lying luxury. With a particularly comfortable shoulder zone and the combination of bridge® technology and the patented Swissflex wave springs, the uni 22 bridge® offers maximum pressure relief and at the same time support adapted to individual needs. This frameless slat base with various manual and electrical adjustment options can be used in any bed frame with ordinary measurements, and as a free-floating version it can also be a flexible eye-catcher in the bedroom.

bridge model

Sleeping better with a matching mattress

You get the perfect combination with the bridge® slat base and a Swissflex mattress. In the mattress core, accurately fitting individual elements ensure an anatomically fitting adaptation to every body shape and weight, so that you can sleep better and more relaxed.

The premium model versa excellence with its combination of pocket spring core and supporting Gomtex® provides a heavenly lying sensation. Gomtex® is a mixture of air-permeable foam and elastic gel. This innovation is not only highly elastic, but also resistant to microbes, bacteria and mould. The two sides of the mattress are made of different, high-quality natural materials, which means that you always enjoy the ideal basis for a pleasant sleeping climate, both in summer and winter. In addition, you can adapt the mattress even more individually to your needs by choosing between three degrees of firmness.

The multi-talented versa 24 is available with a core of GELTEX® or natural latex. Both have in common that they are divided into seven zones, which allow an ideal adaptation to the body. You can choose between two degrees of firmness according to your needs. The versa 24 GELTEX® offers special point elasticity due to the innovative Gomtex® core for a particularly pleasant lying sensation and effective support of the spine, which is further enhanced by the shoulder comfort zone with extra padding. The versa 24 natural latex model uses a durable and environmentally friendly material that also offers high point elasticity. Thanks to the intelligent ventilation system, this mattress ensures a balanced sleeping climate.

Whichever mattress you choose – thanks to the intelligent pressure relief and support of the body as well as the optimal adaptation to the individual body shape, our slat bases and mattresses offer a harmonious overall concept and maximum comfort. So, you can sleep better and look forward to going to bed during the day! 😉