sleeping in the heat, Sleeping in the heat – How to sleep well even in midsummer

Sunny days at the lake and balmy evenings on the balcony, that’s why we love the summer! But sleeping in the heat is not one of the nice things about the warm season. When there is brooding heat in the bedroom, even though the sun has long set, you toss and turn restlessly. Sleep isn’t anywhere close now, is it? Our tips will help you to get your well-deserved time-out even in hot temperatures.

Lock out the heat

To prevent the heat in your bedroom from building up in the first place, it is important to take the right measures during the day. Cover the bedroom windows with blinds or curtains in the sunny hours so that the sun doesn’t heat up your room unnecessarily. The right time for airing is also crucial in summer. In the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed, when it is cooler outside than during the day, you should air the room thoroughly for 10 minutes and let fresh air fill the room. This helps you fall asleep! Important tip: Leave the light off when airing the room so that no mosquitoes disturb your sleep at night. 😉

The right season for warm showers

Even if you feel the need to cool down properly in the evening before going to bed, you should avoid taking a cold shower. Cold water causes your blood vessels to contract and the skin is less able to dissipate heat. It is therefore better to take a lukewarm shower before going to bed to avoid sweating in bed.

Properly covered

Schlafen bei HitzeYou would probably like to throw everything off on hot summer nights, however, you should not give up your blanket even on warm nights. If the bedroom cools down at night, you can easily catch a cold by sweating. The best choice are thin cotton bed linen, which absorb sweat well and guarantee pleasant nights. Linen and silk are also popular materials for the summer, as they have a cooling effect.

Cooling arms and legs

Should the heat in your bedroom reach tropical proportions, you can cool down with this trick: Fill a hot-water bottle with cold water and put it in the refrigerator until evening. At night it will become your cooling companion. However, use it only to cool your arms and legs; on the stomach the cold can quickly become unpleasant and even cause discomfort.

A light dinner and little alcohol

Sleeping in the heat is quite a challenge for the body. It helps to enjoy a light dinner rather than a hearty meal. Of course, potato salad, sausages and beer are delicious for a barbecue, but at particularly high temperatures it’s better to reach for a crisp salad and hold back on the alcohol. Fruit salad or a refreshing watermelon are also ideal for a light dinner that doesn’t get your body going in addition to the heat. Drink plenty of water and a glass of wine spritzer with your dinner, and the summer menu is perfect!

Stay cool with a mattress topper

Topper Gomtex blue

Do you already know the Swissflex Topper with Gomtex® blue core? The open-cell structure of the core ensures a high air movement and thus unfolds its cooling effect. In addition, you enjoy a cuddly feeling when lying down – not only on hot nights. A good complement is the cover cool / natural, which enables a reliable air circulation thanks to its Airwave band. This way, nothing stands in the way of your restful sleep, even in hot weather.

No-gos for sleeping in the heat

When it gets warmer and warmer in the bedroom, a fan and air conditioning seem like a good solution for sleeping well despite the heat. But is that true? An air conditioner provides pleasantly cool air, but cold air can also have negative effects. If the air flow is directed towards the head area, the mucous membranes can dry out, headaches or neck tensions can occur. A fan sets the air in the room in motion, but the constant draught can also cause tension or a summer cold. When you are suffering from allergies you should also be careful with a fan, as the airflow can stir up allergens such as house dust and pollen.

Sleeping in the heat is a thing of the past with the right equipment and preparation! Try to keep the bedroom as cool as possible and choose light, cooling fabrics for the bedding and your nightwear. Take a lukewarm shower after a light dinner and it will be easier to stay cool and sleep well in the summer. 😉