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Simply falling into bed after an exhausting day and waking up fresh and well-rested – this is what sleeping systems are supposed to make possible. Unfortunately, however, this beautiful idea often does not correspond with reality. Many people wake up with back pain, feeling exhausted and anything but rested. Nights like that are tiring and do not provide the desired energy for the day. Therefore, we at Swissflex develop sleeping systems that provide individual comfort and contribute to a pleasant relaxation. Here, mattress, slat base and bed frame are perfectly adjusted to each other to provide the highest sleep quality. Healthy sleep is no coincidence!

There is no patent solution – Individual sleeping systems by Swissflex

Some want a soft lying sensation; others prefer a firm mattress. Opinions also differ on slat bases – and rightly so. Our sleep is as individual as we humans are. The needs of each individual should come first, that’s why there is no patent solution for the perfect bed. In order to find the right sleeping system for yourself, all components should be synchronized. At Swissflex, individual preferences and needs always come before “one-size-fits-all” solutions. The configuration options of the sleeping systems ensure that your bed can be adapted to your sleep type and habits and not the other way round.

Swissflex bed grey

The mattress – Gently bedded or firmly supported?

In order to sleep heavenly, the perfect balance between support and relief must be found. With the right mattress, waking up with back or shoulder pain is a thing of the past.
Mattresses with gel foam are suitable for everyone who loves weightless lying comfort. The flexible gel foam provides pleasant relief in the shoulder area, while the back is supported. If a balanced sleeping climate is particularly important to you, a mattress with natural latex may be just the thing. Natural latex mattresses feature an intelligent ventilation system that ensures a pleasantly warm feeling without overheating the body. Also, combinations of pocket spring and foam technology are possible, as hybrid mattress shows.
For an extra portion of comfort you should consider a topper in addition to your mattress. Mattress toppers enhance the positive characteristics of the mattress, such as punctual pressure relief and adaptability.

Choosing the right slat base

Besides the choice of your mattress, the slat base is the second important component of a sleeping system. A high-quality slat base is characterised by individual lying comfort and excellent support. An electrical slat base offers a wide range of possibilities that promise luxurious sleeping comfort. Even if the bed is mainly used for sleeping, reading in bed or putting your feet up in the afternoon can also be done comfortably in bed.

Swissflex slat baseOur innivative bridge® technology is especially known for its flexibility. The spring slats are connected like a bridge, which ensures precise, individual adaptation to the body. The adaptation happens automatically without the need for a manual adjustment of the slat base.

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Regardless of the slat base you choose, you should never go without one. A slat base is an essential factor for good sleeping systems, because it supports your body and, together with the mattress, creates the best conditions for healthy sleep. Moreover, the slat base supports a good sleeping climate. Thanks to the free spaces between the spring slats, air and moisture can escape from the mattress.

Attractive bed frames – Good sleep without compromise

To feel good, your sleeping system now needs a stylish bed frame. Because the visual aspect also plays an important role in allowing you to relax in your bedroom. That is why design and comfort go hand in hand in the Swissflex sleeping systems.
The Swissflex® Box, for example, impresses with its modern box spring look and can be combined with various headboards, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. In contrast to conventional box spring beds, the Swissflex® Box has a slat base with bridge® technology, which stands for maximum sleeping comfort.

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The bed systems swissbed silhouette and swissbed expression offer you individual configuration possibilities to experience the lying comfort of your dreams. High-quality workmanship and unique designs make your new bed the oasis of well-being par excellence in your home.
The SF CLICK! system makes it easy for you to put together your dream bed yourself. In addition to the design variations, you can combine slat base and mattress individually to meet your requirements. You can even assemble the bed by simply “clicking” the components together. It’s so easy, you can put up your dream bed in the twinkling of an eye, without any previous technical knowledge.

Gather inspiration and seek advice

If you are looking for a high-quality sleeping system, you can find information and inspiration on our website. Here you can find all the components of our sleeping systems and discover the different design variants and configuration possibilities. Is the decision still difficult? Then contact your local dealer for individual and professional advice. This way you will find the right sleeping system that will give you restful nights. 😊