Natural, light materials for your summer decoration

Wherever you spend your time off this year, a little holiday feeling in your own four walls can never hurt. Our tips for your summer decoration will make your home shine in a new, summery glow, so that coming home feels like a holiday. Are you ready for the beach, the sound of the sea and the sun?

Summer decoration for your favourite place

Less is often more in summer, so you should not overload your own four walls, but rather set some accents. After all, you want to radiate an airy and light atmosphere and not feel restricted. For example, shells are an excellent summer decoration. You can get them in the handicraft or decoration shop in various sizes, colours and shapes. But it is even nicer if you use shells you have collected yourself. Visually appealing, they remind you of the beautiful time you spent abroad and let you reminisce. Placed on a shelf made of driftwood they make a great picture! So you don’t have to buy anything extra for this decoration idea, just use the mementos you already have at home anyway. 😊

Summer Decoration - Shells in the bathroom

Airy materials and summery colours

The heavy curtain in purple red looks good during the cuddly Christmas season, but is out of place on breezy summer days. Swap curtains and covers made of thick winter materials for light fabrics such as thin cotton or linen. Especially for the duvet, you should use materials that transport moisture away from the body so that you can sleep relaxed even in the heat. Functional and visually appealing – that’s how summer fabrics should be.Summer decoration - furniture

Natural materials such as wood, rattan or bast are suitable for furniture and home accessories during the warm season. They give you a sense of connection with nature and have a wonderfully light effect. In addition, rattan furniture is very trendy at the moment! 😉 Many of these natural materials are also weather-resistant and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors on the balcony or terrace.

Many associate summer with the sea. No wonder that blue is the number one summer colour! Of course, you don’t have to paint your entire apartment. Even a few accessories in cool shades of blue will bring the fresh sea breeze into your home. The maritime colour combination of blue and white takes you straight to the sea and can be integrated wonderfully into your summer decorations. Yellow and orange also belong to the summer colours par excellence and spread nothing but a good mood. Whether as a soft pastel colour or a bright, strong shade, yellow and orange are ideal for a summer paradise at home.

Cacti & Plants – The blooming life at home

Summer decoration palm treeOutside, the flowers bloom everywhere, the trees shine with their rich green. High time to have some plants moved into the apartment as well. Matching the theme of your summer decoration, the palm tree should not be missing. Even a small indoor palm tree radiates Caribbean flair – whether in the living room, the bedroom or on the balcony. If you like the relaxed, cosy boho style, choose woven baskets as cachepots for palm trees and other plants. These are available in natural, light colours or as coloured models. This way, you can choose the baskets to match the rest of the furniture. But make sure that the “inner” flower pot is leakproof, so that no water can seep through the wickerwork.

Cacti are also the epitome of summer and can be used as a green splash of colour both indoors and outdoors. Because cacti are used to heat and little water, you rarely need to water them – perfect for those who are still working on their green thumbs. 😉 Classic terracotta pots are reminiscent of summer holidays in Italy and are therefore ideal for creating a holiday feeling at home. Our tip: Organise a handicraft afternoon with the children and decorate the simple pots individually. There are no limits to your artistic freedom and you will receive wonderful unique pieces for your summer decoration. But don’t plant prickly cacti in the children’s room. 😉

Cacti as summer decoration

Atmospheric lighting for long summer evenings

Summer decoration - Fairy lights in a glasWhen we think of summer, we often remember the beautiful, long summer evenings. In order not to spend them in complete darkness, the right lighting for that holiday feeling at home should not be missing. Fairy lights are a wonderful way to create a cosy atmosphere in summer. Whether in the living room or in the bedroom, you can set brilliant accents in the room with string lights. Models with warm-white light look particularly cosy. If you do not know where to place the string lights, you can also “store” them in a glass. Delicate fairy lights with wire are perfect as a modern summer decoration by draping them in a large mason jar. The glass creates shimmering effects and illuminates the surrounding even more. If you like, you can decorate the opening of the jar with twine and shells. Then the maritime look is complete and inspires you to dream.

Besides cosy fairy lights, classic candles are also high on the list of atmospheric lighting. Our tip: Use a candle with citronella oil. The essential oil smells of lemon and thus drives away annoying mosquitoes – a win-win situation. 😉

Let the summer move in with you

A few simple steps are often enough to give your home a completely new look. To ensure that your home remains an oasis of peace during the hot months, you can easily transform it into your new favourite place with our ideas for atmospheric summer decorations. Summer colours, airy fabrics, cosy lighting – now the holiday feeling can come.