Finding the right pillow

Isn’t it just nice to let your head sink onto the pillow in the evening and relax from head to toe? The pillow plays an important role when it comes to finding a comfortable sleeping position. A comfortable head position has a positive influence on the entire body posture and is crucial for good sleep. But which pillow is the right one?

Why is the right pillow so important?

The pillow is often underrated, but after the mattress and the slat base it is the third important component for a restful sleep. Anyone who complains of neck pain or tension should think about changing the pillow. Because an uncomfortable position of head and neck during the night can easily lead to pain in the morning. This is why neck supporting pillows are so popular. They impress with their ergonomic design and usually consist of an adaptable, supporting core. As a result, the cervical spine can form a straight line and there is no overstretching of the neck.

What should you consider when choosing a pillow?

Pillows are available in various designs. It’s not easy to decide, right? What is actually important for the right pillow? Similar to buying your mattress or your slat base, the choice of a pillow is an individual decision that depends on your habits and preferences. You should pay attention to the following characteristics of your pillow:

  • Pillow shape
  • Pillow core
  • Pillow case

The shape and the core of the pillow are decisive for the comfort in bed. An ergonomic shape provides support for head and neck in different sleeping positions. For example, someone who usually sleeps on his back and lies on the pillow with the back of his head needs a different pillow shape than someone who sleeps on his stomach and lies on the pillow with his head turned to the side. The core of the pillow is responsible for the lying comfort and gives the pillow its cosiness features, such as good support or flexible adaptability.

The pillow case is the icing on the cake of comfort. A high-quality cover protects the pillow case and supports its features. The result is an all-round, well designed basis for your comfort.

The right pillow shape

At Swissflex you have a variety of pillows to choose from. The shape of the pillow is one of the criteria that will help you choose the right pillow. It is best to consider which sleeping position you prefer. Different pillow shapes are suitable for different types of sleep.

Stomach sleepers, for example, should choose a flat pillow so that in the prone position the neck is not overstretched by a too high base. The pillow SF Flat GELTEX® inside or the pillow SF 10 as a flat version are, for example, a good choice for all those who like to sleep lying on their stomach.

pillow SF10 Gomtex blue core

Side and back sleepers on the other hand can choose a higher pillow that provides good support for the head and neck. Back sleepers in particular benefit from an ergonomic design with a central headrest. This allows the head and neck to be comfortably positioned. The SF 10 and SF Support GELTEX® inside pillows, for example, ensure this.

The SF PREMIUM GELTEX® inside pillow allows a lateral recess, so that the shoulder area has a pleasant free space when lying on its side. This adaptable pillow is therefore well suited for side sleepers.

The pillow core

The heart of the pillow is the core – and this is largely responsible for the lying comfort. At Swissflex you can choose from four different core materials for pillows.

Gomtex® blue foam has a breathable structure, so that pillows with Gomtex® blue core transport warmth particularly well and provide a pleasant sleeping climate. In addition, the special foam is very soft – the pillow adapts itself to the shape of the head and shoulders.

pillow SF10 Latex core

A pillow with a latex core feels smooth and provides pleasant pressure relief. The firm zone on the inside provides reliable support for the head and neck, while the soft outside of the core ensures a comfortable lying experience.

Visco-foam reacts to body heat and ensures individual adaptation to the head shape. The Visco-foam gives the pillow a pressure-relieving lying comfort.

pillow SF Support GELTEX inside

GELTEX® inside cores also provide pleasant support for the head and neck. Thanks to the mixture of elastic gel and breathable foam, pillows made of GELTEX® inside provide good air circulation and a comfortable feeling.

The right pillow case

pillow case SF10

The pillow case protects the core of the pillow and supports the lying comfort. The fabric of the cover also contributes to the breathability. When choosing your pillow, make sure you choose a high-quality fabric that is breathable. Cotton satin and jersey, for example, are used for our pillows. Both materials feel pleasant on the skin and are also easy to clean. This is an important advantage especially for people with allergies: You should be able to remove the pillow case and wash it. This way the fresh feeling of your pillow will last longer!