Trendfarben 2020

With the new trend colours 2020 you get a fresh breeze in your bedroom. Relaxing or revitalising, expressive or reserved – a new colour on the wall can completely change the atmosphere of the room. The new year is the perfect time to try something new. We present you some trend colours from this year!

Trend colour #1: Pantone Classic Blue

Pantone Classic BlueEvery year the Pantone Colour Institute chooses the colour of the year. The trend colour for 2020 is Classic Blue. This strong blue is inspired by a bright evening sky or the wideness of the sea. So you can bring a calm, optimistic atmosphere into the bedroom. The trend colour has a special intensity in combination with a bright bed and white chests of drawers and wardrobes. Accents in gold and silver also shine with the rich blue and give the bedroom an elegant flair.

With the colour “Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue”, the bedroom can also be perfectly designed in Mediterranean style. Wickerwork furniture is particularly trendy this year. Together with souvenirs from the last holidays, it creates a residential atmosphere that invites you to dream of beaches, sea and adventure!

Trend colour #2: Sikkens’ Tranquil Dawn

Sikkens Tranquil DawnThe paint and varnish manufacturer Sikkens also chooses a trend colour each year. For the year 2020, the choice fell on the colour “Tranquil Dawn”, a gentle mixture of grey, green and blue. The pastel tone is similar to a hazy, quiet morning in nature. That’s why this trend colour is perfect for designing your bedroom as an oasis of peace.

Together with other pastel colours and wooden furniture, a place to retreat with natural flair is created, which is ideal for your daily portion of relaxation. If you own a bed with a dark bed frame and prefer living accessories in rich colours, you can create great contrasts with the light “Tranquil Dawn”.

Trend colour #3: Terracotta

Leuchtendes TerrakottaColourfulness! Refreshing terracotta is one of the trend colours for 2020. The warm tone spreads an inviting atmosphere and keeps the soul warm. As a wall paint for the bedroom you should use the strong colour tone rather sparingly, as the intense colour has a very revitalising effect. And in your bedroom you should finally be able to relax and fall asleep peacefully. As a colour accent, however, bright terracotta is an excellent choice. Curtains or the reading chair in the corner become a highlight in the bedroom thanks to the warm orange tone. Lampshades in terracotta also look stunning – the light makes the colour tone shine brightly

Trend colour #4: Beige

BeigeTimeless beige is also this year one of the trend colours for the bedroom. From soft to earthy tones, beige can be used in many ways in interior design. As a wallcolour in the bedroom, the calm colour is ideal for spreading a feeling of serenity and harmony.

Bed sheets, curtains and pillow cases in beige also give the bedroom a peaceful atmosphere. Combined with tones of green – also trend colours 2020 – and wood furniture, you create a natural feeling.

The advantage of discreet beige: Even when mixed with strong colours, beige is a great base for interior design. You can spice up the calm basic tone with cheerful accents and bring more liveliness into the bedroom.

Trend colours #5: Green

Lindengrün Mandelgrün Khaki-Grün

Last year green was already one of the trend colours par excellence. In 2020, however, fewer darker shades of green are in vogue. Instead, we are designing the bedroom in soft tones such as almond green, lime green or khaki colours. Nature lovers in particular will be delighted with green walls or textiles in the bedroom. With bed sheets in green pastel tones, we almost feel as if we have been transported to a meadow in spring – a wonderful feeling! Wooden furniture and brown colour nuances go very well with this touch of nature. Those who like it more modern can create urban charm with a mix of green and grey tones. This gives cool grey a cosy touch and creates the best conditions for an inviting bedroom.

Feeling comfortable is always the trend

Whether classic white, radiant blue or soothing green, in the bedroom the rule is: colours should support the sense of well-being. So when it comes to colour design, the individual taste is decisive. But as an inspiration for a fresh breeze in the bedroom, the trend colours 2020 will definitely inspire us!