Whenever we are in a deep and firm sleep or the dream is most beautiful, the alarm clock rips us abruptly out of our sleep. Do you feel the same? Light alarm clocks promise a softer awakening. You should no longer be torn out of a deep sleep and the snooze button should no longer have to be strained so much. But do modern alarm clocks keep their promises?

Light alarm clock – Like being woken up by the sun

The idea sounds very tempting: With its increasingly brighter light, the light alarm clock simulates the sunrise and is supposed to slowly wake us up from our sleep. About 20 to 60 minutes before the set wake-up time, the alarm clock starts to light up and becomes steadily brighter. When the alarm time is reached but the alarm has not yet been turned off, most models offer additional acoustic signals. However, typical alarm sounds that make us wake up from sleep are often not the only option. Many light alarm clocks also offer more pleasant alarm sounds, such as birdsong, the sound of the sea or other natural sounds. This is intended to make waking up less abrupt and thus also make it easier to get out of a comfortable bed.

Waking up happier thanks to a light alarm clock?

Aufwachen mit Lichtwecker

Good sleep is important for health. Good sleep includes first and foremost the quality of sleep, but also the length. Despite several hours of sleep, it often happens that you don’t feel fit at all after the alarm clock rings and you quickly hit the snooze button. This may be because the alarm clock “catches” us in a deep sleep phase. This is an unexpected disturbance for the body, because the processes for waking up have not yet been set in motion. This is exactly what the light alarm clock is supposed to do!

The intensity of the light alarm clock helps to wake up the body slowly. Melatonin, often also called “sleep hormone”, is not produced when the light is bright. The body stops the release of the “sleep hormone” by the light of the alarm clock and starts to release wake-up hormones instead. Especially in winter, when it is still really dark in the morning, waking up is even more difficult than usual. The light alarm clock is supposed to ensure that you are awakened all year round as if by a sunrise. So waking up is a much gentler experience than the shrill alarm clock ringing.

What should be considered when buying a light alarm clock?

There are various models of light alarm clocks, which differ in quality and accordingly in price. Inexpensive light alarm clocks are available from 20 euros. Higher-quality models usually offer more setting options and additional extras, such as a range of alarm tones or a docking station for smartphones and MP3 players, to wake you up to your own music.

Many light alarm clocks can be used not only as a jump-start to the day, but also as an assistance to fall asleep. The principle of the alarm clock also works the other way round: the light alarm clock gradually reduces the light intensity to help you fall asleep gently.

When buying, it is therefore worth taking a look at the range of features of the various light alarm clocks. It is best to test the light intensity and the sound quality of models with acoustic alarm signals.

What disadvantages do light alarm clocks have?

Lichtwecker oder akustischer WeckerLight alarm clocks are not right for everyone. For one thing, everyone reacts differently to light. Therefore, it is important to find the right intensity that actually gets you out of sleep. However, if you share the bedroom with your partner, you sometimes face a challenge. Because what is pleasant for one person may already be perceived by the other as too bright and thus no longer as a gentle wake-up call. So if you share your bed with your partner, you should try out how you get along with the light alarm clock and whether it is a good choice for both of you.

In addition, as the light alarm clock slowly brightens, it is not really a time but a period of waking up. Not everyone likes that. But if you are afraid of oversleeping the artificial sunrise, you can rest assured: light alarm clocks usually have an acoustic alarm tone for just such cases.

Wake up better with light alarm clock – Our conclusion

We definitely like the idea of being gently awakened. Whether you find waking up with a light alarm clock more pleasant is something you should try out for yourself. Because just like our sleeping habits, our waking up preferences differ. If you are annoyed by the monotonous beeping of your alarm clock and the abrupt awakening, a light alarm clock might be worth a try!